The Ugly Truth That You Must Learn About Narcissism!!

The truth and you don’t want the truth.
It’s not going to be pretty.

I learnt that truth from A Narcissist Whisperer and the truths is all what I know now.

I now know the ugly and difficult truths about Narcissism.

I will enlighten you so grab a tissue box and a really good friend because you will need both.

There are so many beautiful things in this world.
There are beautiful people with beautiful souls.
There are so many sunrises and sunsets.

My heart breaks that instead of spending your days with those beautiful souls watching those sunrises and sunsets you are looking for the ugly and difficult truths about Narcissists to gain any sort of closure.

I was searching for some peace after my entire world imploded with the ugly truth that the one I loved was a text book Narcissist.

My heart was on fire while simultaneously being frozen and at the same time being smashed into a thousand piece with a wrecking ball.

I know that pain.
I lived that pain.
It’s hell on earth.

You think knowledge will bring you some peace but peace will only come slowly over time.

Tears must first fall.
You must get through the pain and then you have to go through the void and the numbness.

There is so much time and understanding that has to take place before you feel ok again.

So let me take you through this journey.
You are on a mission of healing your heart.
Take my hand and I will lead you to the truth, the very ugly truth.

When The Narcissist was born very innocently into this world, he unknowingly entered a world of chaos and dysfunction.

He entered the world via parents who chose for him to be born but later decided they were busy.

Just a smidge too busy for that baby.
I’m not quite sure what were they doing but for sure they weren’t attending to his needs.

His cries were unanswered.
He didn’t get the love and attention he required.
That negligence and abuse led to his attachment disorder to any primary caregiver.

Let me break it down for you.
When a baby’s needs are ignored he learns never to trust his parents.

He learns that his needs are not important.
This leads him to lose the ability to feel love, empathy, joy and happiness.

Quite a tragedy for an innocent baby.

If someone doesn’t gain and develop such feelings in the formative time period of infancy, it will forever be lost.

It won’t come back later in life when someone truly loves him.

He can never securely be attached to anyone.
He can feel some feelings like anger, rage and even contentment.

But that space where the missing feelings of live is will forever remain a void.

He feels a whole lot of numbness, mental and emotional pain.

He will try his best to makeup for this mental and emotional pain by any method of distraction but underneath the surface the void will always be there.

He now has a lens for viewing the world which will only include him.

You will never be in his lens.
All of his actions will be just for him.
He will view you as a personal belonging nothing more and nothing less.

I know it hurts.
And it’s hard to comprehend.
He can never love you or anyone else.

But you can and that’s why you are hurt.

He will quietly chase other women because he desperately wants to prove that his parents were wrong and that he is worthy.

If he hurts enough people then maybe that thought of You aren’t worthy disappear.

Maybe he can find that unicorn that can calm his raging soul.

But he won’t though because everyone knows that unicorns aren’t real.

He will search for something to fix his mental and emotional pain but sadly he will always be a byproduct of abuse and negligence.

That’s the ugly truth.
So heal your heart and try to move on.

If you have procreated with this person and have to continue to deal with him then go read and educate yourself about Narcissism.

Now enjoy the freedom that your new life entails.

The peace you will find in those people with beautiful souls and with every new sunrise and sunset.

There is another new tomorrow just around the corner waiting for you and the sun will rise again.

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