There Are No Words To Describe What You Did To Me. To You SY.

I used to think that when you love someone you will hate to see them hurting.
But you loved to see me suffer.

I was either wrong about love or you didn’t love me at all.
But I was wrong about you, wasn’t I?

You didn’t love me, you only loved destroying me.

You didn’t just like to see me hurting, you loved to see me miserable, broken and unable to function on my own.

You would do anything to gain power over me again.
You would do anything to make me cry.
You would do anything to see me fail.
You would do anything to shred my heart to pieces and make me beg for your love and attention.

But I would rather be dead than begging you to help me get back up.

This ship has sailed long ago and I decided to get off just in time.

You can’t torment me anymore.
You can’t manipulate me.
You can’t bring me down so you could feel better.
You can’t take it out on me.
You can’t heal your issues on me.
You can’t tell me that I am your worst nightmare in 50 years and even if you did I won’t believe you.

I have had Enough.

I refuse to think that love hurts this much.
I refuse to believe that unrequited love is love because it isn’t.

I refuse to beat myself up for your bad habits.
I refuse to let my heart skip a beat when I think of you.
I refuse to be your victim a minute longer.

Love is much more than what I allowed myself to receive from you.
Love is much more than what you gave me.

You have no power over my life anymore.

I am not scared to stand in a room full of people alone.
I am not scared to walk into that room without you.
I am not scared to maintain eye contact.

I don’t need anyone to save me.
I was so wrong not to believe that you were the biggest Evil I would encounter in my whole life.

I have learnt the importance of self love.
I have learnt that I am as worthy as I allow myself to believe.
I have learnt that people don’t always reciprocate goodness and some are just bad no matter what.

I won’t be touched or infected by your darkness once more.

So if you ever come back knocking at my door offering to save me I will be the one locking that door.

I will be damned if I believed you after all what you did to me.

I am no longer afraid of you and I will never allow myself to fall for your Lies again.

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