There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel Of Abuse.

Self Education is the key for all Victims of Abuse.

It is crucial for Adults of any age to read and learn all they can about all various types of Abuse and Abusive People.

Knowledge Empowers People.

Knowledge is a tool, a sword and a suit of armour.

To use the brain that God gave you to reinforce your mental faculties against further Abusers is the answer.

To deal with Past Abuse you must become determined as an individual to protect yourself by dealing assertively with Abusive People in your life.

It will also be a healing start to confront the Abusers with solid legal history on paper written and recorded even notarised legally.

The Steps To Healing,
Healing is a life long continuum.

• To admit to have being abused is a start.

• To get the proper help you may need.
• Read and learn to never stop.
• Self education is a life long job.
No one can do it for you but you have to do it for yourself.

• Make resonable life goals for yourself.
• Be your very best and make the most of each day.
• Never give in to depression and self pity or vices.

• Ask God for help, our creator hears our prayers.
• Have a positive attitude and reject away negative thoughts.
• Think hard about who you are and of what you want out of life.
• Dream of your goals and make it happen by taking positive steps to make it come true.


Happiness Comes With Inner Contentment.
Knowing who you are and moving day by day towards your goal(s).

Every Journey Begins With A First Step.
It is all mental everything that takes place in your mind.

Create Your Personal Paradise.
Inside your mind know where you are going and dont let people, problems or issues divert you from your life’s goals.

Do Not Live In The Past.
Stop dwelling overly on past Abuse and injustices that have been committed against you.

Neither live in the future too much because you will miss out on the present.
It is a delicate balance.

Find Out What Makes You Happy And Do It.
Make sure it is intellectual or constructive such as hobbies and skills.

Become a strong person inside, one who doesn’t care what anyone thinks, says or do.

You Have To Force Your Brain To Do It.
Because Children, Adolescents and even Middle Aged People all seek approval.

Inner Strength Is A Big Key,
Seek and you shall find, knowledge, comfort, creativity, happiness and success is your own right.

• Self Reliance,
Being able to pay your own rent and buy your own food is a start.

The facade of false security by relying on others invites possible Abuse.

Your Secret Place Is Right Inside Your Head.
All you need is some peace, quietness and you can tune out the external world of chaos and noise.

Bring A Paperback, Sketchpad A A Day Planner With You Wherever You Go.
The most successful people one earth do this very thing.

That way when they get a good idea or an inspirational plan they can record it.

The brain creates in it’s own time.
Tap your creative capabilities.

Abuse Is All About Invalidation,
Realise that the only person you can control is yourself.

Realise that Abusive People are mentally sick, loaded with personality disorders, struggling to invalidate you and everybody else in their way in order to validate themselves.

Like Bulldozers and lawn mowers who feel that they have to chop down everybody else just to feel superior.

Become A Assertive Person, Not Aggressive, Not Passive and Not Passive Aggressive.

A self composed, self assured, self confident, self reliant and well adjusted individual.
This takes self education so read every day.

Turn Your Life Scenario Into A Successful Book Or A Movie.

Start keeping notebooks and floppy disks full of your personal experiences with Abuse.

People can benefit from your experiences.

It all starts with the first sentence.
It will snowball from there.

Writing is an incredible healing or catharsis from the human brain.

Believe In Yourself And In A Better Tomorrow.

Abusers have ruined their own lives, reputations and human credibility.

You as a victim have yet to see your potential as an incredible human being.

Your Abuser has taught you by his behaviour what you do NOT want to become.

You know deep inside what kind of person you indeed are determined to become.

Get Smarter.
Read phychology books and valid philosophy, delve into and benefit from the wisdom that has been collected throughout the centuries.

That Is What Books Are For.
Books teach us in one easy read how to avoid mistakes and pitfalls that others have made.

Watch classic movies that teach lessons.
For instance Shakespeare’s great classic stories.

These will help you grow as a person and to dream of what might be someday.

Be Imaginative But Without Living In A Fantasy World.

To use your powerful brain to create is God’s gift to you.

The mind is capable of so many wonderful things.

Pursue all the beautiful things this world has to offer, don’t stagnate in the mire of your Abusive Situation.

There is a whole world out there beckoning to you.

The World Is At Your Feet.
Believe that and you will succeed even if success to you means a modest place of your own to rent so you can think, sleep, rest and have peace.

It Is All About Attitude.
Why let some Abusers ruin the rest of your life, it isn’t over yet.

Whether you are 15, 51 or 100, life isn’t over til it’s over.

Learn To Eat Life.
It is said of the French that they expect and even demand a certain level of quality of life from the world and from life.

Why let the French have all the fun?!
You are entitled to have it all because you are a valuable human being.

Picture yourself in a beautiful place then save your pennies to go there.

Sometimes we create our own barriers and eternal excuses for not doing good things for ourselves.

The biggest regrets we will have on our deathbeds are all the places we could have gone and didn’t, doing all the things we wanted to do and didn’t and saying I love you to the people we loved.

The Abusers will on the other hand upon their deathbeds be feeling regret, fear of eternity and of God.

They will grief and remorse over all the people they verbally and physically hacked down and tried to rule over or ruin.

Life Is Your Choice So How Will You Use It?

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