There Is No Way To Communicate With Him?

A Narcissist feels no empathy for anything or anyone.

He feeds off of the hurt and anguish of others.

He will act like he is listening but what he is doing is learning how to act to fool others.

He finds caretakers and empaths to watch and learn how they treat others and watch how others react to that treatment and if it brings the effect that he thinks will make him appear as good and powerful that is what he uses.

He is the type of person who could be a serial killer but it is a good thing that most of them are not.

A Narcissist has a self admiration and love for only himself.

He may have a close bond with other people based off being raised or friends with them but in a true Narcissist case it is very rare to be able to love.

A Narcissist would rather save himself than any other person on this Earth and would use anyone to get where and what he wants.

When you look at his past relationships you realise and recognise why he is so cruel to his partners.

Because happiness to him is perfection which is why he will never be happy.

He will never be capable of ever sympathising with other people.

There is no way to communicate with A Narcissist when he doesn’t want to be reasoned with.

If he doesn’t want it nothing you say or do will change that.

If you are in a relationship with A Narcissist, leave.

Don’t think about his feelings or thoughts about you because he doesn’t care about you.

You are just a tool and nothing else.
If you think that A Narcissist is lashing out and it is your fault don’t.

Your only mistake is that you are a normal healthy person.

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