There’s No Turning Back.

Whatever kind of journey we happen to be on, spiritual, physical or a combination of both, most likely we tend to focus on answering the call or facing fear portion of the adventure.

After all that’s where all the juice is right?
But what about that other bit?

The part that according to legends is more dangerous than all the rest.

The return.
It’s tough.

Maybe just maybe tougher than facing the dark question mark of the unknown.

The other side of the unknown offers it’s own buffet of trials and monsters.

I know this.
We all do.
It’s archetypal stuff.

Gather so much beauty, so much wisdom and so much knowing but then how to bring it home into the body, into the mind and into the world?

The heart opening, horizon shattering and mind expanding is the first step not the end of the road.

For every obstacle we overcome there is a higher one around the bend.

For every road we walk there is a longer one still to travel.

For every difficult journey we complete there are yet more turbulent waters to navigate up ahead.

The return.
Everything that follows.
We come back from our journeys changed.

It’s such a platitude that it hardly bears mentioning but it also is entirely true.

We return more sombre or more joyful.
Heavy with nostalgia or lighter with all the baggage we have dropped along the way.

Wiser, more innocent or both.
We live more lifetimes than we could hope.
We die small deaths, traverse dark nights and emerge at dawn with new perspective.

In the end none of it matters and yet we go on.

We move through the unknown driven by something deep, primal and insistent.

We arrive to the other side and then what?
The sun still shines.
The leaves still whisper.
The birds still call.
The guitar strings still vibrate.
Just as they have always done.

And so we still follow rules of time, of dress and of conduct.

We still shine, speak, sing, dance and play just as we have always done.

But we feel like crying and laughing at the same time because we won’t be the same.

We will never be the same.
We have traveled far.
We have met dragons.
We have shed the layers of ourselves and now we put it back on.

Now we return full of questions.
We have said hello to the unknown and moved beyond it.

We have touched secrets and tasted it’s blessings on our tongues, our skin and our hearts.

One thing is certain.
There is no turning back.

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