There’s No Way To Win In Loving A Narcissist!!

A Narcissist doesn’t actually want love.
This is a misconception and it is why he is the complete opposite to you who deep down crave love and acceptance.

Through their actions, they quickly give you clues until eventually they are literally dropping bombs all over your heart and catapulting spears into your ‘love‘ repeatedly.

They try to show you in every way possible that they don’t love you nor do they even want that from you.

What they want is control.

If they are Sadistic and Malignant then they will want to additionally and deliberately destroy you in the process on top of the already brutal massacre.

They purposely get you addicted to them to flourish in the delicious negative fuel when they dump you in the most inhuman fashion.

The only reason Narcissists get you to love them is because that’s the only way you will deal with their horrific abuse and give them the attention they seek.

This is how they think.
They can’t believe that someone can actually love them.

They can’t believe that you actually love someone as vile as them.

That’s why they drop you.
They see you as a total weak joke.
They end up seeing a reflection of how it feels to be with a wretchedly damaged person that they can’t even stand and it sickens them to the core that after all that horrific abuse, you can still love them.

They know that something must be deeply wrong and dysfunctional with you for loving them and so they justify that you deserve ALL of the abuse.

They are undeniably drawn yet viciously repelled and disgusted by those who are empathic and capable of loving them.

They are also absolutely humiliated that they have to depend on someone so ‘weak’ and ‘useless’ in their eyes.

After all, you fell for a hoax and they know that they are total frauds.

I remember the moment when the abuse from The Narcissist became astronomically much worse as soon as he found out I was in love.

This was checkmate and there was no escape after that to calm his fury.

This was compounded on with the fact that I was not the ideal person that he even wanted so his rage grew over the boiling point until I finally walked away.

The cost was great and I was a husk of the human I once was, unrecognisable and riddled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This is the price I paid for thinking that my love would eventually be enough.

Narcissists see love as a weakness and the more you love them the more they are violently repulsed.

They drop people because they end up being repeatedly disappointed and bored that their victims end up loving them, yet they know that they don’t truly love them, they love The Mask.

Their resentment grows because they become tired of carrying on the show for you and through time, your fuel is just not potent enough.

They get bored because they are adrenaline junkies and empty pits that need to feel like they are being consistently chased.

Unfortunately once they actually have gotten you they get bored again.

There is no way to win in loving A Narcissist.

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