This Is For You SY.

My only mistake was falling for you so deeply and so quickly.

For a very short time you made me feel so happy and for this I thank you.

I’m trying to find out and understand what have I done to deserve all this cruelty from you.

Why are you treating me like your worst enemy and I don’t believe that you will treat your worst enemy in such cruelty.

Without a warning you disappeared, disappeared without even being bothered to confront me or tell me WHY?!

You didn’t give me a chance to understand when and why did you make me your enemy.

You didn’t give me a chance to defend myself.
It’s your choice if you don’t want me in your life and I have respected that but please leave me be and stop torturing me.

Your accusations and actions are unjustified and it’s cruel.

After everything you did to me I never slandered your name or said a bad thing about you but you are slandering and smearing my name mercilessly and all of this because I once loved you.

I don’t want to hate you and I won’t because it’s so painful already grieving the loss of the man I thought you were so please leave me be.

Even though we don’t talk but I still care about you so take a moment and think of one reason to why are you doing this.

For the sake of every smile and every good moment we shared even if it was fake stop the war you started without any reason because no matter what I will never engage in this war with you ,, I will never be a part of it.

I don’t know how can you be so cruel and so heartless?

Where’s the man you once were?
Where’s the man who had morals and principles?

For the love of God Samer take a moment and think because I have never done anything to hurt you so please stop hurting me.


  • This is so heartbreaking 💔 I’m sorry you had to go through this heartbreak.
    Narcissists are scary evil 💔

  • Don’t blame urself for falling for him so quickly that was his plan all along , u did nothing wrong u just saw someone u liked & loved.
    Ur heartbroken because ur love was real & u should be proud of urself ❤️

    • My heart is broken because am disappointed and shocked most of the time.
      I can’t believe until now that the man I thought he was never really existed and more than anything I always wanted to ask him why and from where did all this hatred and cruelty come from but I’m not seeking answers now because I know that I will never find any.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot to me 🤗
    I moved on and I’m not seeking for answers anymore, I only want him to stop slandering my name and to stop his false accusations which is been going on for so long.
    I know that he will never confront me to give me answers and since he has a big inflated ego he will never admit to have hurt me unfairly. As I said I don’t want answers from him anymore.

  • I feel ur pain & I’m sensing that you feel ashamed for falling for him quickly but don’t we all did.
    Narcissists are charming & we all fell head over heals for them so quickly & we were hurt without any mercy.
    Now you are here after surviving the worst of it.
    Someone like you & me will feel the agony of your words but never will he because he has no conscience & for him to let you go & not appreciating your deep & sincere love is his curse as all narcissists.
    Hold your head up high & walk away proudly at least you had the courage to love but he will never know how love feels like.

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