This Is What It Feels Like!!

Imagine that you found out Santa Claus was real.

Or that there was really magic in the world.

Something you always thought was a myth turns out to be true as it shows up in your life!

That is what being in a relationship with A Narcissist feels like.

Sure you have had relationships before, relationships with men who weren’t very affectionate or romantic and just didn’t seem to get you.

You might even have had a relationship where the Man was so into you that he had no other life but instead of making you happy, you felt smothered.

You never really felt loved even when he said the words.

Then The Narcissist sweep into your life.

There may be a rocky start but once he decides that he loves you.

Expect him to be full on roses, moonlight and dinners on the balcony overlooking the ocean.

He loves you fiercely.
He calls just to hear your voice.
He wake you up to take you outside to dance in the rain.

He whisks you away to romantic destination.
He shows up every day at your work and take you to lunch.
He literally acts like the sun rises and the moon sets over your existence.

It is shocking.
It takes you sometime to get used to it and it may be hard to believe it is real.It feels like a romantic novel.

He tells you that it is because of you!
You are special, wonderful.
A blessing and you have changed his life just by being you.

It is addictive.
You expect this to go on forever because he told you it will.
He promised you forever.

So when one day you are not the Angel sent from heaven to bless his life.

Now cold and unattractive you are making his life a living hell.

It is heartbreaking.
An aching miserable cruel existence.
It is worse than you have ever felt because you were never so happy as yesterday.

What happened?
What did I do?
How do I fix it?

However it ends whether it is dragging you out and you desperately trying to return everything he like how it was.

He just walks away without a word and you are stuck with that period of bliss in your mind.

For a while, no matter how long it was you felt loved.

Now you feel nothing short of that feelings of being loved unconditionally.

When A Man tells you that you look nice, you will remember The Narcissist telling you that he can see the stars in your eyes.

When the new man moves to kiss you, you will remember The Narcissist kissing the tip of your nose and telling you that he’s been wanting to do that all night.

Normal Men can’t compete with Narcissists.

Narcissists spent a lifetime studying romantic movies, picking up artists and they are not embarrassed or hesitant to compliment and flatter you.

For A Narcissist the world is all about him but when he wants a relationship, he will turn that intensity on you with a determination to be the best, the most wonderful and the most romantic person you have ever met.

For a while your reaction will feed this cycle and it will feel wonderful for both of you.

But when it is over, magic will disappear and you will unveil the lie.

Everyone you will meet after that will seem pale, lifeless, hesitant and awkward.

No one will be worth the effort.

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