This Is How You Get Even With The Narcissist!

The best revenge is to cut off contact and live a good life.

I know that sounds like a fairytale good nonsense because you are so angry right now and you want to do something to hurt him.

But please listen.
You can never win in a contest of who is more manipulative, deceitful and vindictive when up against A Narcissist.

His wiring is designed specifically to excel in these things, he has an inherent advantage.

The only way you can get to his level of manipulation and exploitation is if you do so many shameful and horrible things that will make you lose your own moral compass.

You will lose yourself and everything you believed in.

And The Narcissist will STILL wins in the end because he has got to corrupt a person down to his level and now he has a companion who will have such a strong trauma bonds to.

A companion who fell down the rabbit hole of cognitive dissonance, that you will be bound to him forever and you will lose your own life.

The ONLY revenge is to cut off contact and live your own life.

To be healthy, happy, find love and peace.

This makes The Narcissist absolutely livid because,

• His biggest fear is being abandoned and you did just that when you left him.

• His second biggest fear is being deemed not important and not special.

You made him feel insignificant by cutting him off and acting like he never existed.

• He hates to see you living a happy life without him and enjoying all the things he will never have.

• He hates to see you living a life based on your own terms instead of his.

Causing A Narcissist to feel like he lost will definitely rile him up and maybe even force some temporary discomfort.

But in the long run he will rationalise his superiority and dismiss whatever you did or said as your problem or failure.

That is how his mind works.

Is it worth your time and energy?
I would say probably not.

You won’t be able to hurt him in the same way he did to you because it isn’t possible.

It will only drive the narrative that you are a crazy person and you will feel even more dissatisfied when he figure out a way to manipulate the situation or exploit you to come out on top.

No matter what you do, you will always lose the war with A Narcissist.

Are the battles even worth fighting at that point?

You should redirect your anger to something positive like mentoring other people who might be in an abusive relationships, writing a book or finding a creative outlet to vent your emotions.

You should also,
• Stop contacting this person.
• Seek counseling.
• Recover emotionally.
• Recover financially.
• Relearn the parameters of a healthy relationship.
• Identify vulnerabilities in yourself that made you an easy target for A Narcissist.
• Make a concerted effort to avoid engaging with others who show you the same red flags.
• Learn from your mistake.

When recovering you have the benefit of being yourself again and you will immediately experience freedom!

You will feel like you are finally breathing fresh air in your everyday’s life.

Think of all those little things that made you doubt, fear and walk on eggshells when having The Narcissist around.

Don’t you remember how he caused you all that pain?

How he made you live and believe a lie?

Even the good memories were ruined by hidden motivations that was found out and in some way he had his ultimate advantage.

He is A Fraud and A Liar.

I know how we may remain with difficulties to deal with trauma logistics and health problems.

But we will have to work it out and those are the challenges that will make us thrive.

The Narcissist caused problems that were useless rat races with no positive outcomes except draining our energy.

The thoughts of anger and revenge do resurface when The Narcissist smear us to make himself look better.

Or when The Silly Narcissist come jingling, waving and hopping to get our attention on his sparkling brand new supply and his fake fabulous life.

But we know better ,, we know who he is.
We know that he turns everything to dust.

Always remember who you are.
And how you survived his evil plan of destruction.

He was a black hole sucking all positive energy but you managed to come out on the other side.

He tried to crush your soul but you are still standing, learning and expanding.

Revenge and Anger come from the need for balance after the unfairness of his Abuse.

We all want to get even with the damage,
it is a natural feeling but there are ways to achieve this.

Breaking free from his control is already a revenge in his omnipotent view.

We can be more successful.
Or we can be like him and try to destroy him in a sneaky way and get away with it.

But there is no reason to become like him.
Remember he is a poor desperate pretender.

If you are happy without The Narcissist,
He will know it is true,
He knows very well that you are real.

But when he acts happy, shiny and triumphant, we know it is fake!

There is the balance.


  • Thank you for writing this.
    Thank you for your inspiration and motivation and strength ❤️

    • I can’t tell you how much your words mean to me. Thank YOU so much for reading and commenting 🤗

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