This Is How You Will Learn To Stop Loving Him!

It’s been a while now since this man walked away from you.

The man you thought was your soulmate and forever person.

The man you planned on spending the rest of your life with and the man you were convinced would never abandon you the way he did.

It’s been a while since the man you loved more than anything left you.

A while since you have been feeling lost, desperate and brokenhearted.

A while since you have been stuck in one place without any hope of moving forward.

When you come to think of it, you remember how you grew to love this man.

You remember how you fell for him and how with time he became the centre of your universe.

But you can’t seem to figure out the right way to get over him.

No matter how you try, you can’t forget about him and despite all of your efforts, you can’t seem to figure out how to stop loving him.

Well, let me tell you one thing, even though you don’t believe me now, you will heal and you will be better.

You will stop loving him sooner or later and you will leave him in the past, exactly where he belongs.

You will stop loving this man, the same way you started to love him.

But it won’t happen overnight.
It’s a process which takes time and devotion.

First you will be angry at him.
You will be furious for everything he has done to you.

How could he crush all of the dreams you built together?

How could he break your heart without a blinking eye?

Then you will be angry at yourself.
How could you have been such a fool to believe him?

How come you didn’t see his true face in time

How could you love a man who obviously never loved you enough?

After that when you get rid of the anger, sadness will come.

You will only think about your beautiful memories and when you remember it, you will want him back in your life.

This is when you will start feeling lonely because you got used to always having him by your side.

You will be convinced that you will spend the rest of your life crying for this man.

And when you finally hit rock bottom, there will be no other way to get up.

What you didn’t know is that while all of this was happening, you were actually travelling on the path of unloving this man.

You won’t be aware that you have already started your journey of letting him go and that these were all the phases of your healing process.

And then, one morning, all of a sudden, he won’t be the first thing that comes to your mind.

You will catch yourself smiling without a particular reason and you won’t hear his voice in the back of your head.

All of a sudden, you will catch yourself not thinking about him every single day.

You will see that your heart buried him and that he has become nothing more than a distant memory.

One day, you won’t be scared of going through life on your own because you will see that you made it just fine without him.

You won’t miss him and you won’t feel incomplete on your own.

All of a sudden, you will start enjoying your life.
You will start pampering yourself the way you were spoiling him.

You will start loving yourself more than you have ever loved him.

When that happens, you will be more fulfilled than ever.

You will finally see how strong you are.
You will see that your worth doesn’t have to do with the fact that this man loves you or not.

You will remember that you existed before he entered your life and that his departure didn’t destroy you or change the essence of your being.

And just like that, you will stop loving him, the moment you start loving yourself for real.

The moment you realise that you have always been more important than this man is the moment you will stop idealising him and you will see that he never deserved you.

The moment you understand that him leaving you was actually the best thing that could have ever happen.

The moment you stop waiting for closure and when you realise that you were simply not meant to be.

No, you won’t forget that he ever existed in your life.

Instead, you have start seeing him as a lesson, as a healed scar and as a vague reminder of past times.

But that doesn’t mean you will be haunted by the memory of him because the moment you stop loving him is the moment of which you won’t feel his absence anymore.

The moment of which you won’t feel this emptiness inside of your heart and the moment in which you won’t crave for him anymore.

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