This Isn’t A Normal Withdrawal ..

Narcissistic Abuse is extensive and affects all areas of your life, self esteem, mental health, decision making, trust, fear and trauma based fear that will remain for sometime.

Trauma is a frozen energy in your body that needs to be released.

At the beginning of the healing process expect to experience a lot of cognitive dissonance and mental confusion around having been lied to and betrayed.

Your experience has been confusing due to not being able to align it with reality.

Everything will feel unhinged and upside down ,, that’s normal.

With time you will begin to realise that you were with someone who didn’t care about you and was only using you for Narcissistic Supply.

Once The Narcissist gets bored he will replace you.

You have to know that The Narcissist behaviour is not about you ,, it’s all about him.

Don’t try to get answers from him because it feeds his ego.

Instead talk to someone you trust and find closure on your own.

Expect to be distrustful and confused for a while.

Go no contact to protect yourself from more harm.

He is a predator so he doesn’t care about anybody except himself.

It took longer than I would have ever imagined.

This isn’t a normal withdrawal.
A closure will never happen with A Narcissist.

With A Narcissist closure is impossible because there is nothing to close.

In fact there are no doors in his world only mirrors.

If you have gone through silent treatments you have been programmed to know that getting back together will give you immediate relief from being ignored.

Why did I get that silent treatment?
Because I confronted him for talking bad about me with one of his online hookups.

It took more than one episode to make me walk away and go no contact and that first year mostly felt like death warmed over.

The withdrawal from A Narcissist for me was beyond my imagination.

I knew I had to get out of this cycle because it had taken over my life.

I was ashamed of myself for feeling this way.
I was depressed and my life felt like a pale shade of cardboard in the rain.

I was played and taken advantage of.
I knew something was off but I enjoyed being immersed in the love bombing phase.

I took a long hard look at what happened.
I started to realise that I didn’t love him and actually I didn’t really know him.

I was in love with the character he created.
I was an addict to his love grift.

There wasn’t a single moment I can put my hands on where I was healed, it was like a slow return to the light.

Trust in yourself and be honest with your heart.

Be introspective, reach out for friends and family.

Help someone who needs it, giving is a powerful medicine particularly because you are likely an empathetic soul.

Don’t waste more time on someone who can’t even comprehend what love is.

There are plenty of unfortunate people out there who could use and appreciate your kindness.

Get back on your feet because you were never defined by this person.

You are so much more than that.

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