Thoughts Becomes Things.

When you come out of most disastrous situation of your life, you will be a different person who is unstoppable, invincible, can face any adversity of life.

Now you have new dreams of a new future.

Contrary to popular belief but time does not heal broken hearts.

If it was a True Love then there shouldn’t be any bitterness, anger or resentment after a period of time and we can all get on with our lives when that time expires.

But I know plenty of people, myself included, that can rummage through a break up like it happened yesterday even though it happened years ago.

Did you ever talk to someone who wouldn’t stop telling you the same old story about the Love that broke their hearts?

All the pain will be stored in your body and mind until it is released.

Time has nothing to do with it.

The best way to get over it is to go THROUGH it.

Be courageous enough to live your pain, sit with the discomfort and feel all your emotions without getting lost in it.

Do it by reevaluating the thoughts you have about yourself, about him and the whole situation.

What is usually running through your mind after it is all over?

Are you thinking about yourself as a victim?
• I’m not good enough.
• He doesn’t care about me.
• I’m unlovable.
• I won’t ever find love again.
• What about the stories about him?
• He hurts me so badly.
• He lied and cheated on me.
• I can’t trust anyone again.
• How could he be so heartless after everything I have done for him?
• All men are jerks!
• Why can’t he make me happy?
• He told me he loves me.

And the thoughts about how everything came to an end?
• Did I make a mistake?
• Maybe if I stayed a little longer he wouldn’t have left.
• I thought we were meant to be together forever.
• What am I supposed to do now?
• I’m helpless without him.

Most of us aren’t aware of how powerful these thoughts are.

It contains the key to our core identities, belief systems, behaviours and actions.

Whether you can get over it successfully or not depends on what you tell yourself and the thoughts you keep repeating to others.

Are you going to be a helpless victim with an unworthy mindset or an empowered person regardless of what happened?

Think of it as a wake up call.

Love is the most beautiful feeling anyone can experience as well as the most painful when lost.

It is really a painful process and it differ from one person to another on how we deal with it.

It is an agonising process but it might have a good result which can be unforeseen.

We can always deal with it in two ways, either by punishing ourselves or channelize our anger and frustration to get amazing results.

We might end up achieving many things which we haven’t even thought off.

How does a sculptor carves a beautiful scupture from rocks.

It’s when he carves in it.

It is painful while in progress but the result will be magnificent.

If you used to draw, try doing it again.

If you used to write, try writing about your experience.

I am not saying that the results will be instant but it is an opportunity.

Look after yourself.

Be happy and do the things that you like doing which makes you happy.

Don’t complain and waste your life complaining about what happened.

Be thankful for what happened and think of it as a wake up call.

Losing the one you Love is heartbreaking but what makes it worse sometimes is the way we deal with it.

It is painfull but when we think about it from a different and a realistic perspective we will see the reason behind why it had to happen.

Whatever happens life will always go on.

Don’t isolate yourself, look around you and one day you will understand that The heart can only be healed by love.

The right people who belongs in your life will come to stay no matter what.

One day someone will walk into your life to make you realise why it never worked out with anyone else.

Life is preparing you for the love that you deserve so heal your heart and wait for it.


  • So true Aya. And with that,thoughts become our destiny

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