To The Man Who Made A Fool Of Me ,, To You SY.

You would wait two days to text me back and I knew you had your phone on you the entire time.

You were so into me one day and then blew me off the next.

I only wanted for things to be simple and I only wanted you to be happy.

Even saying your name to my friends left them questioning why I was giving you another chance.

Because it wasn’t just a second chance but rather a million chances.

But there was something about you.
I thought I saw something good in you.
I thought if I just kept trying maybe I could get it right.

What I didn’t realise that I was playing a game and I was bound to lose the whole time but I refused to see it then.

Because I’m not the type to give up on someone I love and I’m not the type to ever walk away.

I give people my best every time and hope it is reciprocated.

I wanted to believe in you.
I thought I saw something in you.
I saw bits and pieces of the man you could be.

Everyone told me I was playing with fire.
Everyone told me I was going to get burnt.
Everyone told me not to walk towards danger because they saw what I didn’t want to see.

We see things when we want to and not always when we need to.

I was willing to fight for you.
I didn’t care what people said about you.
I didn’t care about your reputation.
I didn’t care about how many times you hurt me and left me alone crying.

For some reason my heart chose you and I followed it fearlessly.

Everyone said horrible things about you.
Even saying your name left everyone’s tongues bitter and wanting to change the subject.

Every conversation they ended it with I hate him.

But I didn’t, I loved you more than anyone could have ever imagined and I would have done anything for you.

I wanted to prove everyone wrong.
I wanted so badly to prove to everyone that they were wrong about you.

I wanted everyone to see you in the light as I did.

I wanted everyone to see you like I did.
But for you it was a cruel game of love that swallowed me whole.

You Broke Me.
I remember standing there as the calls went right to your voicemail.

I remember looking at my phone as texts were delivered with no response.

I remember going to bed every night crying myself to sleep.

I don’t know what I did to deserve any of that because all I ever did was loving you the best way I could.

But you left me high and dry when you were done with me.

You Used Me.
I believed you when you said that we would get it right eventually.

I held onto that.
I held onto every conversation.
I reread the messages when you told me how lucky you feel for having me in your life.

I loved you more than I can explain.
I always chose you first.
I would have loved you with every breath I took and given you the best in me.

To me you were every thought at night.
You were every wish when I didn’t mean anything to you.

You walked away and never looked back.

I was a fool for being surprised.
No one said I told you so when you broke me because I was left to deal with your loss on my own.

I realised then that everyone was right about you.

So I took my tears and silently wept in the darkness of my room and screamed your name so loudly.

I was the only one to believe in you.
I was the only one to truly love you.
I was the only one who saw the good in you.

I was the only one not to define you by how badly you treated me.

I promised myself after you that no one would ever do such a thing to me again.

I just hope that when you speak my name it brings you shivers of regret throughout your body.

I hope my name tastes as bitter coming off your tongue as yours does me.

But most of all I do wish you the best.
The best though was always me and that is what you will live with or rather without because if ever you do come back I will let your call go right to voicemail.

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