To The Man Who Showed Me The Painful Side Of Love ,, To You SY!!

To the man who broke my heart.
To the man who bruised my soul.

I could have never thought that you could possibly hurt me so badly.

I could have never imagined that the man I so freely gave my heart to would make me feel unworthy of love.

Why did I ever let you into my life?
Why did I ever trust you?
Why did I throw my soul under your feet?
Why did I allow you to see parts of me that you didn’t deserve to see?

Why did I let you feed my hopes with your grandiose stories and empty promises?

Why did I allow you to have so much control over my life?

Perhaps I did all this because I thought that a strong emotional bond existed between us.

Perhaps because I thought we were meant for each other because I truly felt a strong bond between us.

I thought that you were my soulmate and my forever person and my everything.

How foolish I was to believe you loved me.
How foolish I was to allow you to take advantage of my kindness and play with my feelings.

How foolish I was to tell everyone that you were nothing but a good man, an honest, kind-hearted and loving man.

How foolish I was to always try to see the good in you.

How foolish I was to think that you were the right person for me.

You know, I doubt that you will ever read this but if you somehow come across it, know that I will never forgive you for breaking my heart.

I will never forgive you for not giving a second thought about my soul and well-being before you decide to destroy me.

I will never forgive you for playing with my feelings.

I will never forgive you for taking me for granted.

I will never forgive you for making me think I wasn’t worthy of love.

I will never forgive you for showing me the ugly, painful side of love.

I don’t know where you are, what you are doing or who you are with but I hope that breaking my heart was worth it.

I hope that losing me was worth it.
I hope your heart hurts when you hear my name.
I hope you learn one day what it feels like to have your heart and soul shattered and your trust betrayed.

But you will never get to know the new me.
The one who loves and respects herself.

The one who oozes confidence, positivity, joy and love when she wakes up in the morning.

The one who knows her worth and who will never allow anybody to hurt her or walk all over her again.

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