Too High Of A Price To Pay!!

Narcissists don’t think in healthy ways.
They have a very distorted and dysfunctional way of thinking which I believe might be a result of early childhood trauma.

They are deeply wounded, insecure and don’t have a conscience.

Without a conscience, a person will do anything and everything and feel no remorse, regret or emotion for any wrongdoing.

They are motivated by their own lust, greed and selfish ambition.

They have a need for power, control and domination and they worship their own will and their own way.

If anyone impedes that agenda, The Narcissist will retaliate in vicious, cruel, cold and calculated ways.

When encountering a person like this, the sense of being in the presence of something utterly evil and vile is overwhelming.

There is a contempt and hatred that seems to be so prevalent that it almost feels like you could reach out and physically touch it.

This is in direct conflict with the false mask you are introduced to.

Narcissists appear very nice and charming from the onset but there’s no goodness in them whatsoever.

Niceness comes and goes and can be displayed for selfish reasons .. Goodness comes from the heart and is part of a person’s essential nature.

A Narcissist ultimate agenda is to get what they want, when they want it.

They will do just about anything to accomplish that agenda and they don’t play by the same rule book that most well adjusted individuals play by.

As a matter of fact they usually don’t play by rules at all.

With all of those behaviours manifesting in a person, do you think they are going to be capable of maintaining and nurturing any kind of healthy and fulfilling relationship?

Do you think the people they are in relationship with are going to be able to experience any lasting healthy levels of joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment, mutual respect and love, growth or security in a toxic, one-sided relationship?

Any close relationship with A Narcissist will always and I mean always have compounding negative effects on a person’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health, not to mention financial, career, family, social and creative health.

In other words it will cost you dearly.
The Narcissist doesn’t believe in a person’s right to express their free will or a person’s right to choose.

You will always be confronting and fighting to maintain your autonomy, your identity and your individuality with them.

I think soul crushing, caustic, abusive, miserable, devoid of any peace, dark, oppressive, insidious, empty and completely unsatisfying are some accurate descriptive words of the relationship with A Narcissist.

No relationship in this world is worth forfeiting your very self to.

That price is too high of a price to pay and that is exactly the price The Narcissist expects and demands.

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