Understanding This!!

People are energetically drained, emotionally devastated and spiritually gutted as the result of being in a relationship with A Narcissist.

Quite often getting through the next hour is difficult enough, let alone a whole day because it isn’t a normal behaviour.

Narcissists have been described as Evil Incarnate.

It certainly is evil enough, just scratch the surface and see what a real monster he is.

You judge monsters on what they do and how they look.

They certainly subject their victims to all kinds of heinous emotional tortures and all from inside the circle of trust.

You suffer a heartache from a normal breakup but breaking the traumatic bond is hell on earth.

Depression, anxiety and PTSD are just a few of the issues people leaving A Narcissist are likely to be battling.

You just can’t shake this pain off.
If you have not been Narcissistically Abused you will never understand it.

Narcissists are a modern label for A Demon, A Monster or An Archon as they were called in ancient times.

They have always existed, yet today they operate pretty much in plain sight.

Their useful idiots are the true enablers and not their victims.

Everyone who tries to understand these Monsters and tries to fit them in the human society ‘as one of us’ is both a useful idiot and an enabler who instead of seeing them for what they are, is blaming The Victim instead for not dying in the hands of A ‘perfectly normal and misunderstood’ Narcissist.

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