Valentine’s Day!!

Whether you have a lover or not almost everyone who remembers Valentine’s Day has a subtle spiritual pain that starts in the depth of the chest and then radiates to the arms, neck and fingertips.

Some remember their lost acquaintances and become uncomfortable in their own skin while others get another excuse among many other ones to hold on to their loved ones tightly.

You may have also lived, suffered, tried, resisted, forgiven, hoped and stumbled.

Maybe you have been transformed, tricked, deceived, disappointed, changed and evolved.

Whatever it is you should know that you have won.

The human soul is like the most solid and white canvas.

Without knowing that it contains everything in its essence, it keeps looking for its colours for a lifetime.

It wants to be adorned with experience and painted in sour and sweet.

It wants to keep its blast and self forever.
Love is to draw a picture and the excuses for this are the traces left on the soul by love and the private affairs which are as complicated and special as the universe.

Always love yourself first.
Because with the positive energy around you, no one can stop this love from encompassing all your environment in waves.

If you can love even the loved one who left you can’t stop you from loving.

Don’t be fooled by those who find your love strange by trying to destroy your hopes.

Believe in the power of love as long as you live.
Remember that the biggest thing that distinguishes you is the greatness of your ability to love.

Keep your sincere and warm attitude and when the time comes let someone who really deserves you love you and stand by your side.

Letting go is a myth.
The only person who is actually capable of letting go completely is The Narcissist.

He Emotional Empathy.
That means he essentially has an attachment problem.

You have a hard time letting go because the positive parts of your relationship were real and intoxicating and the negatives were incredibly intense.

This rollercoaster creates what most call trauma bond making it hard to let go.

On top of all this you are mourning a loss.
The loss of what you hoped this relationship would be is one of the hardest things to get through.

Like everything else in life, magic lies in the small decisions we make every single day.

Decide that you will get over this traumatic experience with time and don’t be too hard on yourself because it’s ok to slip sometimes.

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