We All Did Fit Into This List!!

Remember when The Narcissist used to tell you
How a great listener you are.
How nice you are.
How caring you are.
How loyal you are.
How honest you are.
How you could figure out his needs before he even knew it himself.

How smart and strong you are.
How hard working you are.
How independent you are.
How confident you are.
How determined you were refusing to be defeated by life’s circumstances.

We all did fit into this list.

A Narcissist looks for good people who have good traits.

He wants to be around people who make him look good because it helps cover up his true nature.

He wants people to see a good image.
A Narcissist also looks for people who have resources he can use.

A Narcissist is attracted to strength and hates any sign of weakness.

But at a certain point your strength will be used against you because The Narcissist feels entitled to extract anything from you that you may have.

He is jealous.
He doesn’t feel like he owe you anything when in reality he actually owes you a lot.

A Narcissist target his victims.
He looks for those who may have wonderful traits and also vulnerable in their own circumstances.

He will pounce on someone who may lack boundaries.

At first he will appear to you as being supportive in every way and giving you false promises in order to keep using you for as long as he can until you have nothing left to give.

He will try to suck the life out of you while gaining ground and feeling more powerful himself.

The weaker he can make you the stronger he will feel about himself.

For you to avoid being A Narcissist Magnet forever you will have to put up more self protective boundaries and to focus more on your goals and needs.

Don’t be in a position of needing to be with someone because A Narcissist will exploit that.

I was there and at a certain point I felt that I can’t fight this fight anymore.

Then I pushed myself to be stronger.
I was confident and I was determined to get back up on my feet.

Sometimes The Narcissist messes with the wrong person and a person who has all of the traits listed above maybe nice but will never be a doormat.

A person may be vulnerable yet strong enough to say goodbye and you are this person.

You made it this far and you will get your life back to How it was before falling for this merciless predator.

You just have to believe.

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  • I finally found u after searching 4 you 4 sometime now.
    I know exactly what u’re talking about & I assure u that u will hear what will happen 2 him as a result of his evil deeds.
    He made u out 2b the bad one & gossiped about u trying 2 hide what he did 2 u & tried 2 do 2 me what he did 2 u but the difference is I didn’t love him as I did & I have evidence of his ill doings & I will make him pay 4 all what he did.
    U don’t know me but after what he did 2 me I was determined 2 know the truths of what happened between the 2 of u & I did. 1 day I will come 2 u after all is revealed 4 now calm ur heart & believe that karma will strike back at him.
    Lots of love. D

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