We Don’t Break Apart!!

Many of us believe that the most painful moments break us.

Part of that is real, pain breaks us but not into pieces.

We break open, not apart.
We bare our feelings.
We feel our colours and show our heart.
We learn the most when we are hurt because pain makes us vulnerable, especially to people.

When we are hurt, we take the most risks, try new things, rediscover ourselves and search our soul because we need to place our grief.

This is more than feeling like broken glass; this is a rebirth, an awakening and a lesson.

We also believe that to heal we need to focus on it but healing isn’t a choice, it just happens.

You either slow it down or work with it but it never stops.

When you hear echoes in your bones and feel the heaviness in your heart, remember that you are still whole even with the pain.

The thing that’s hurting us is not the pain that makes us.

It’s how we grow into it, grow from it and move on from the gravity of the hurt.

This might be the most challenging time in your life, the hardest you have ever had to fight to stay above the water but you have everything you need.

You are everything you need.
Pain is temporary but nothing can take away your growth.

Even if you feel like you have taken a few steps back, you still own how much you have grown.

Your growth is always yours.
No matter how unfortunate life gets, you don’t fall apart.

You don’t need to go searching for yourself in places, things or other people because your true essence is always with you.

We sometimes forget because of our external troubles.

Whenever you feel so lost that it hurts, try to remember that you are still here, you just need to be reminded that you are more than what you are going through.

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