We Don’t Just Forget The Memories!!

We can’t really forget but when we learn that none of it was our fault we can then process it much better, put it to the back of our mind, be who we really are and time ,, no matter how long will heal us.

You were the blessing and he was the lesson.
If doctors could only invent a pill that would remove the memories of the emotional abuse that A Narcissist leaves in his Victims.

But until that day we must resort to going through all the stages of grief and abandonment.

When we do this we prove to ourselves,
• That we are much stronger than The Narcissist.
• That The Narcissist has failed to change our view of love and life.
• That it is he who is incapable of true feelings, empathy and thus love.
• That we deserve and are capable of being loved by a kind and trustworthy partner.

There are many ways to get to this place while you can do it by yourself, it will be much more helpful to get the support of close friends.

The memories will fade and more importantly will have no emotional impact on you when you heal not just the injury The Narcissist caused but the Core Injury that was in you the whole time.

The wound that made you vulnerable to such a relationship.

Memories will fade.
I’m nearly three years since he discarded me.

Good memories I have of him are starting to fade and I never thought this could ever happen but it does.

You are not supposed to eliminate this memory that you genuinely loved this person.

It wasn’t supposed to happen to any of us.
The lies, the manipulation, the endless daily highly volatile tensions and the huge pain that he performed so damaging to healthy well functioning people that had happiness and love to go give the world simply by pure kindness.

Why can’t he just be erased from our memory?
In time though slowly from being cold and not being responsive to feelings we have obtained the ability to fade this person putting him in the furthest non functional part of our brain.

It starts becoming very very distant and this is why I will tell you the following;

You will let the memories slowly fade when you are ready.

Some say five years is how long it takes.
At first I laughed but now I will put my hand on my heart and say.

Give yourself five years then check with yourself.
I think you will be ok.

Stay positive and don’t dwell on the past ,, be proud of yourself for loving so purely and truly and try to move on.

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