We Still Miss The Illusion!!!

We still want that person who was presented to us to be back.

But it was all a lie created by a manipulative predator who tried to exemplify the nice person we thought he was.

He was never that person.

It is hard and it will take a lot of dedication to get through the cognitive dissonance alone.

Every thing he did, every action he had, every word he said was done maniacally so that you would fall for him hard.

Narcissists are puppeteers and when you learn your lesson he will be back to pick up your pieces and throw it away weeks later.

They feel nothing other than anger, fear, jealousy, envy and rage.

They love for a moment in time until they have to show their superiority and show you the light, perhaps silencing you or justifying his adulterous behaviour.

You will miss him until you realise that you deserve so much more than this.

You were addicted to him and will still be for sometime.

Narcissistic behaviour is designed to create intense emotional dependency in the victim so they remain an available source of supply.

They use emotional and psychological manipulation to form a powerful physiological addiction which is often mistaken for love.

They are experts in energetically absorbing your energy even when they are blocking you.

Also Narcissists often use withdrawal to get you to chase after them in such a desperate state that they can then swoop in and forgive you for your apparent trespasses against them.

It’s impossible to say that you don’t miss him after what he has done to manipulate the feelings of dependency in you.

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