We Were Meant To Happen But We Were Never Meant To Be!!

I now respond with ok instead of fine when people ask me how I’m doing.

I think that means something.

I no longer stare out the back bedroom window wondering if you might be there.

I know you never wanted me so why should I keep wanting you?

I replay our time together in my head when I’m alone at night.

Some nights more than others.

Like any sane person does when they go through something.

I was convinced you never stayed up thinking about me and You just slept.

I think about the little things I should have picked up on before.

The things that should have pointed me in a different direction.

Deep down we were too different.

I was an open book but you just browsed and returned me back to the shelf.

I often felt like you could go all day without talking to me and you would be content.

That bothered me and I don’t care how selfish it sounds.

If you want to talk to someone, you can and you should especially if they mean something to you.

All I did was sit at work and think about you.

People often say they regret relationships but I think that is unrealistic.

I don’t regret anything that happened because at the time it was what I wanted.

But with time comes understanding and now I understand.

We were meant to happen but we were never meant to be.

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