What Can Be Gained From The Narcissist?!

Quite simply we can gain our path to the spiritual awakening that we have been waiting for through all the pathological lying, blame casting and gaslighting.

Whether we were discarded by A Narcissist or we initiated the discard, we will feel pain, confusion, fear and regret.

During this time, it is important to remember that we have now been given the opportunity to find our true self.

This is solid gold for all Survivors.

If you were involved with and mind played by A Narcissist, it is imperative that you take responsibility for allowing yourself to be subjected to his lies.

Then forgive yourself and start to self reflect on the past pain and traumas you may have endured as a child that enabled your attraction of The Narcissist to you.

The Narcissist has a built in radar that detects those insecurities in you.

The Narcissist also experienced pain and trauma as a child but didn’t develop a conscience or the ability to love as you were fortunate enough to develop.

Once you dig up all the past traumas that wounded your own inner child, you can release it all.

Doing this alone is not easy.
It may require therapy or other forms of psychological healing.

In any event this is how you find your true self and once found, you can experience life as a kind loving person who treats all others as you would want to be treated.

I started working to find my own self about a year after my Narcissist discarded me.

However I’m lucky that I did start that journey.

I would have been completely destroyed if I hadn’t.

Regardless, the discard was tough and excruciatingly painful.

I regressed a bit but now two years later, I have reached acceptance and I’m now redoubling my effort at going inside and completing that endeavour to fully discover my true self.

Maybe I needed The Narcissist in my life to kick me into discovering who I really am and I‘m so grateful to finally be on that journey.

I‘m still working on it but I’m well on my way.

I have even forgiven The Narcissist for being who he is.

It fell on deaf ears, I‘m certain but it has liberated me from the excruciating pain.

What have I discovered so far is that I‘m an intuitive empath.

I ignored that for so long and it resulted in so much investment in a man who never cared.

I have been searching externally all my life for love and acceptance never fully finding it and always wondering why?

This is a journey worth taking!
I‘m in the beginning stages of actually learning that I can give myself this love and acceptance.

When I have this fully developed,
I‘m told that I will attract the right people.

The loving, caring, empathetic, kind and compassionate people I deserve to have in my life.

I fully see the truth in this.
This is what I have gained from The Narcissist.

The process is heartbreaking but of such a great value.

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