What Characteristic Would Never Be Found In A Narcissist?!

No one comes before The Narcissist and his interests.

The idea of putting anyone’s interest before his own is completely foreign.

In fact he regards this quality as a weakness and will work to exploit it in his favour once detected in others.

A Narcissist has none and this is your number one give away.

You will get a blank look anytime he is asked to imagine how someone else feels.

A Narcissist exist through his false self and that huge lie engenders all the rest as he has to bend reality significantly in order to fake it as a decent person when he has such huge deficits of character.

He has to deny with words what his actions betray.

A Narcissist has to deny who he is and what he does which creates endless lies and those around him are expected to believe and accept.

Because he can’t relate to how someone else may feel or relate to another’s circumstances there’s no interest in alleviating suffering of any kind beyond his own personal boarders.

Be careful here because some Narcissists give to charity or run galas raising funds because they love the attention that garners and it sure makes for good cover.

A Narcissist will never give to a charity or cause anonymously.

Look for a big show around his gift giving, it is for effect if it is engaged in and never done quietly and from the heart.

True Humbleness.
A Narcissist is very arrogant, after all he truly must see himself as faultless in every situation and he believes he is pretty terrific so any humbleness is hard to come by.

A Narcissist can’t relate to or even understand any position other than his own and thus there is no possibility of finding workable and fair middle ground with him.

This is demonstrated as stubbornness, intransigence and unreasonableness.

A Narcissist never have enough and believes he is entitled to better than others so he is not the type to view what he has as completely enough and share of his bounty.

Since A Narcissist fundamentally doesn’t care about anyone other than himself, kindness is lost on him.

Being nice or kind is a behaviour engaged in only if self serving and as a tool of manipulation.

Kindness is not a fundamental part of the personality or makeup of any Narcissist and it will be demonstrated by how badly he treats those in service positions or those from whom there is nothing for The Narcissist to get.

Also called remorse is the feeling of being genuinely sorry for the harm you have caused whether deliberate or accidental.

A Narcissist also can’t do this so instead of repentance he has only blame, excuses, projection, lies and gaslighting.

The meaning of sacrifice is to deliberately choose to lose for the sake of others’ gain.

It is the greatest form of love.
A Narcissist can’t do this instead he practices the opposite.

Tricking everyone else into sacrificing for him instead.

Also called authenticity.
Earnestness is what happens when you stick your sole out exposing your vulnerability to the world.

This quality is essential for being honest, vulnerable, loving and kind.

Because A Narcissist can’t do earnestness, he has only the many masks to swap from.

Masks like the mask of sincerity, the mask of compassion, the mask of kindness, the mask of sacrifice, the mask of remorse and the mask of getting fixed from therapy.

A Narcissist can’t be healed or fixed because he only presents masks to everyone including his therapist.

He has never been earnest and can’t be ever.
There was never an authentic self in him to be found or fixed.

What a sad list.
Would anyone willingly mark off every one of the above traits from the list of what they wanted in a friend, lover or a family member?

Not likely and that is why so many Narcissists become great actors and live their lie everyday but the truth is revealed over time to those unfortunate enough to get fooled or entrapped.

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