What Confuses Me The Most!

How he has the energy and the desire to extend that much effort, waste time and creativity into chasing something of his utmost desire only to destroy it.

It’s like someone who chased his dream of climbing Mount Everest only to commit suicide when he gets to the top by jumping off a cliff.

Why he repeatedly exert effort into destroying a value he was seeking only to chase it somewhere else after he had just destroyed it.

Most of those that A Narcissist targets are genuinely great, amazing, kind hearted and deeply devoted people.

If The Narcissist ever realises the true value of what he has lost, he would be absolutely devastated.

The type of people Narcissists unfortunately entrap are those whose level of empathy isn’t matched by most humans because in order to tolerate someone like him, you have to have started off with a lot of empathy and compassion within your heart.

Look at how many people around you are devoid of empathy, living disgraceful lives and lacks moral decency.

Do you think these people are what Narcissists are attracted to?
The Answer is a definite No.

Despite winning such a marvellous prize when this is more than what he ever actually even deserve in his wretched life, he still devalues, defile and desecrate it.

He is cognitive not mentally disabled.
He ignites the things he wanted more than anything in the world on fire only to burn it down repeatedly.

Also his sense of reality.
Yes the sky is blue and no it’s not green.
The way he put certain things together to make it all seem like that.

He really is telling you the truth when in fact that isn’t it at all.

I don’t think one who lives with A Narcissist would find anything he does intriguing.

It’s just a bunch of mind numbing confusion.
He could get something new and break it before he even gets to use it.

Narcissists are searching for ways to hurt others just so that he can feel satisfied.

It was also explained that he is proud doing this.

This is not innocence this is pure evil.

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