What Do Narcissists Go Through When They Feel That You Are Too Good For Them?

At the beginning A Covert Narcissist loves that his partner has traits and abilities that enhances his sense of being.

He will revel in those attributes and praise his Target to the point in which the Target feels that she is truly valued and understood.

This is called Love Bombing.

What is really going on is that The Narcissist is using you like a mirror back onto himself.

The supply who is too good for the Narcissist is the biggest quick fix he has ever wanted.

During this Idealisation Phase, the Target will begin to believe that she has found the one person that truly values and loves her.

There will be warning signs from the Narcissist but the Target will brush it aside because how could someone Love Bomb so well if it wasn’t true?

Everyone has their faults?
Everyone lacks empathy sometimes?

Well not the Narcissist.

The Next Phase is Brutal.

After The Covert Narcissist praises the armour of the Target, he will start to exploit the chinks.

Subtle Put Downs, Withholding Of Praise, Silent Treatment and the most powerful feeling of walking on eggshells will all be visited upon the Target by the Narcissist.

The Target will generally not understand what is happening and will double up her efforts to please the person that once praised her so well.

This is a folly and it leads to the unsolvable problem.

The Discard.
Narcissists never valued those good things to begin with.

Unfortunately to The Narcissist the mirror now has cracks in it.

The Target’s supply has been manipulated to the point in which The Narcissist no longer values and is looking for bigger and better things.

The Narcissist has already absorbed your good, figured out the chinks in your armour and doesn’t like what he sees in the mirror.

Keep in mind that it is his mirror not yours.

But by this point he has brainwashed you and you are probably going through a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

So you keep trying to be good, you keep trying to exhibit those qualities that previously the Narcissist thought were wonderful.

And this is the most important part.
To a strong, good person with wonderful qualities the Narcissist now takes advantage of your pride.

The Target was able to solve any problem The Covert Narcissist threw at her and was previously praised for it.

So with pride comes an absolute total misunderstanding of the unsolvable problem during The Discard.

The Covert Narcissist told you that anything was possible as long as you are with him.

Anything was surmountable until the Discard and afterwards The Aftermath.

The more good you are the harder you will fall.

The more you won’t understand anything anymore feeling like a crisis of conscientiousness is occurring.

Long story short, Covert Narcissists love finding people that are too good for them.

It makes The Discard, The Gaslighting, The Hoovering and The Destruction of the Target much more appealing.

It proves to the Narcissist that he is better than you.

Now your only choice is to run, run away, no contact and thank God that you were given a second chance to live again.

Give your feelings to someone who values you.

Give it to someone who will really value what you are.

Do Not hate the Narcissist.
his life is a wasteland of depression and sadness.

What a waste of a life.

Leave him behind and be everything you were before the Abuse occurred.

He goes through a series of Manipulations, Projections, Backstabbing, Fabricated Stories, Devaluing Comments, Confidential Conversations, Word Games, Mind Games, Love Bombing mixed with Silent Treatments and Degrading Statements, Secrets about you that nobody seems to know but the Narcissist.

Rages, Veiled Implications, Provoking Statements, Triangulations that affects your self esteem, Blatant Falsehoods about you, and Attacks on your Reputation until you are no longer too good for him.

He continues to do all of the above until you are NOT good ENOUGH for him.

He continues to go through this process until everybody around the Narcissist and everybody around the Victim can plainly see that the Narcissist is too good for the Victim.

Turning Heroes into Zeroes is a Narcissist’s Specialty.

Depending on his mood and state of mind at the time of The Discard.

If he is in a Depression due to a lack of supply he would probably resent or hate you because you would just make him feel worse.

If he is in a Love Mood because he has a new love interest and has lots of supply at that time he may be feeling really arrogant and cocky, therefore he may see you as a welcomed challenge to win over and want to accomplish a new supply or love interest.

That’s why we are a challenge to win over.

He would do all the Love Bombing and Flattery until you either like him and welcome him into your life or reject him because you are not interested and you can see through his fake behaviour or see his behaviour as odd and weird so you follow your gut and don’t allow him into your life.

If he wins you over he will see you as a fool or an idiot because he managed to trick you and con you into believing something that is not true such as him is a great person.

This makes him feel superior and he may begin to Devalue you at this point or keep you hanging around to use at a later stage.

Then he won’t see you as too good for him.

He sees you as an idiot or a dummy now.

That’s basically what he goes through when he feels someone is too good for him.




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