What Does A Narcissist Respect?!

A Narcissist respects one thing only!!
I‘m going to talk about what he doesn’t respect before what he fears.

No respect for boundaries.
Being with A Narcissist you will be enmeshed and boundaries will disappear, The Narcissist will cross it all, will invade your world, will break your self defence and neutralise your privacy into codependency.

No respect for feelings.
The low emotional intelligence is really something cool so The Narcissist will be free to abuse you and act in a self absorbed manner and at the same time he will never put himself in your place to see how painful it is to be treated in such a way.

No respect for your intelligence or intellectualism.
It’s like Houdini because no matter how smart you are or what IQ level you had even no matter how many PHD’s stacks you have in your wall of fame, The Narcissist will be able to sell you lies that no one else will buy and what is astonishing is that all victims keep repeating that Narcissists are so smart.

People should know that manipulation is one thing and being smart is something else.

No respect for your human value.
How many of us did find themselves in the mid of our age struggling to get back on track with our life and had that feeling of I lost precious years with that Devil and he just walked over you as if nothing happened.

No respect for the sense of ageing.
He wasted your time, he took it all, absorbed it all and gave you nothing back.

I was Stubborn enough not to admit that he was manipulative enough to shift the blame and fragile enough to rage in my face if I called him up for his lies.

No respect for your energy.
He will use every gene in your body and don’t feel worried if he might have some remorse or a sense of guilt
because the compulsive lies will take care of that.

No respect for the sense of sharing in life.
He will never be able to form a stable relationship or a normal shape of life based on a give and take situation.

It will always be about how much can you bring to his table, how much can you do for him and offer him.

You will never be good enough for him no matter how good you are, how loyal you are, how servile you are or how pleasant you are.

He has no self respect.
He has no respect for his age.

No respect for the idea of life and death.

A Narcissist only respects fear.
Fear is a very powerful thing when it is tough and threats The Narcissist.

He respects coming across someone who isn’t A Narcissist and feels very proud when he destroys that same person.

He will respect someone who is gental and treat others with compassion but when challenged shows a fearless power and capability that nothing the narcissist can do or say will have any effect.

A Narcissist will always avoid confrontation and will verbally try to play the tough innocent role.

Fear is the most powerful emotion we possess but to be able to inflict on someone is just as powerful as showing no fear.

For sure everyone is afraid of something.
But with everything that I have endured the more I convinced myself that now I can’t be hurt.

The less you reveal to others the more power you have.

And I think we are all afraid of the unknown.


  • It’s heartbreaking, I know that a lot are telling u how amazing ur blogs are but I felt that I too must tell u how ur blogs are helping me heal.
    I really hope you know that u are helping a lot of us understand what the hell happened to us.
    God Bless You Always ❤️

    • You will never imagine how happy and honoured I feel when I read comments like yours ❤️
      Am grateful that after what I have been through at least now I get to help others understand.
      It’s a mission that I will never give up on, to expose those predators and make everyone aware of this disorder.

      • I cannot wait for your book ❤️

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