What Does It Mean When A Narcissist Doesn’t Try To Win You Back?

Speaking from experience, it’s because you are too much of a challenge to them.

You know who they are and they know you were right when you said they were just awful human beings.

You will be as safe from a Narcissist as much as you make a choice to be.

Your safety will depend upon the boundaries you hold and maintain for yourself.

Narcissists are absolutely and completely aware of their behaviour.

Their behaviour is calculated and precise.

A Narcissist has no empathy.
Narcissists are cunning and ruthless.

Stop and imagine a mind with absolutely no empathy.

Imagine a mind where attention and hurting others is the only fuel that keeps them alive.

Narcissist hone in on people with low self esteem because a Narcissist knows these people will be the easiest Supply with the least amount of effort.

Empaths will stick around even when they have been humiliated and tossed aside.

Think of how a vampire continues to ALMOST kill their victims but leaves the victim with just enough blood to survive until the next time.

The entire world is a Narcissists feeding ground.

If you allow yourself to be in their path when a Narcissist is in a state of need then you are a fair game.

It is not about any connection or warm feelings for you, it is about the fact that they are in pain as an addict and they need a fix from whatever source they can manipulate.

You are beautiful, loving and kind but you are not visible to an addict.

You are not you, you are a warehouse containing their drug.

Ruthlessly and with absolutely no ability to see you or empathise with you.

Their brain will never empathise or see your pain.

Narcissists are the supreme masters of manipulation.

Your mind is no match for a ruthless Narcissist or a Vampire who needs to feed off you.

A Narcissist will kill your heart and soul and keep moving forward.

A Narcissist is dead inside.

Think of any movie you have ever seen about a Zombies.

Zombies eat people and keep moving on to the next.

Zombies and Sociopaths have no ability to empathise.

What you see in the zombie movie is that first they trick their victims and then attack.

Steer clear of a Narcissist, Zombie, Vampire because you are never ever safe around them.

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