What Happens When You Take Revenge On A Narcissist?

The Narcissist is not hampered by pesky little things like empathy, they will ramp this up to a level you don’t want to go.

They will do it before you realise the hell raining down on you and take proper steps to protect yourself.

Nothing is sacred or out of bounds.
Jobs, vehicles, property, your freedom, mental well being, family and friends are are all soft targets.

If you are impressed by how fast they ramp it up, you will be equally impressed by how much time and energy they are willing to put into this and how long and far it will go.

Pray to any God that they will find another person to rank as public enemy number one and take some pressure off you.

I am not just spouting out, but I lived through this.

He slandered my name to everyone.
My life was nearly destroyed.

Proceeding down a revenge path with a Narcissist is a very bad idea.

Revenge is a dish best served cold; so let karma deal with them.

You will be burnt up.

As a normal human being you would have exchanged and confessed your honest self to the Narcissist.

The Narcissist will calculate, how in time of crisis you will react.

They have built a plan to destroy you in every act you may pull up.

My own example with my Narcissist was that he first pretended to be nice and caring.

He told me he has evidence that one of his friends wants him to hate me out of jealousy.

He pretended to cry and begged me to do something, and join him to stop his friend from harming anyone.

When I did, he turned against me.

I was traumatised and emotionally abused on regular basis.

Remember that Narcissists are violent.

They are wolves in sheeps clothing.

Their evil is unfathomable.

He fooled every one to believe that he is charming, quiet and nice.

I went through hell alone.

Not only are introverts calm, but criminals like him are very calm too.

Evil is very calm until questioned, until they are in annihilation mode.

Please don’t play the revenge game with the Narcissist who is tricking you into actually communicating with him.

He has a plan to hurt you emotionally and it is a really good one.

Remember that Narcissists are always seeking attention from their prey or someone new.

They will open all gates of hell and won’t stop till they see you completely destroyed.

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