What I Learnt From Him!!

I have loved you.
You told me that silence never felt that good with anyone that made me wait for our next silent meeting.

It was one painful wait but I thought that we shared it all.

You taught me to love you so efficaciously then skillfully broke my heart.

So, I taught myself to undo it and see the truth of it.

To anyone who has endured a similar experience, do yourself a favour and don’t waste your time waiting for somebody who will never be for you.

Even if all the stars are aligned and directing this path of endless suffering.
Don’t do it.

Know your worth, it is never too late.
You will move on and breathe again.

There is no use for the crackling of your heart beat and your reluctance to release yourself from tears and wails.

Your heart is skeptic and knows better so don’t ignore it.

Remember that you will be loved.
Spring will come again sprouting blossoms of what autumn took away from you.

Move On, Let Go and Set yourself Free.

Here is a fragment of my past hurt before I heal from it’s madness.

He subtly touched my aching lungs with his slight fingers.

Covered with wounded bone he cracked what was left of me open taking root and spreading in every cell that called for my longing and broken being.

If there were signs for me that such grace would fade away and that he will no longer linger, I would have walked away.

But not before I capture the thousand stars in his eyes and pray that it could save me.

Not before I ache, fall and twirl in grief and madness.

Not before my tears fill the pillow and my fragile heart cease beating one too many times while he looks at me.

Not before I collapse, and shout at him thoughts of clinging and melancholy.

Not before he tells me that he never loved me and not before I fall for all the ways he managed to kill me.

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