What Is Justice?!

The innate ability to feel empathy.
Perhaps this is ultimate revenge but not expressly.

The most damaging experiences from A Narcissist revolve not around the events transpired but the sheer inability for him to feel the pain bestowed upon others.

What makes human beings beautiful creatures is that we are all flawed and unique.

We all make mistakes but The Narcissist doesn’t.
The Narcissist accepts zero accountability.

Trying to swallow the notion that someone can’t feel empathy is the hardest for an empathic soul and it’s the hardest aspect of healing.

• How can his actions hurt so much and yet he feels nothing?

• How can he deny reality, his words and irrefutable evidence?

It’s hard to even begin accepting that someone is capable and ok with his destructive actions.

Combined with gaslighting and all his other self defence mechanisms, you begin to ponder your own sanity and reality.

You often find yourself going crazy.
Therefore justice would come in the form of therapy or whatever it would take for him to feel empathy for others and become fully cognisant of the pain of his actions.

With this he wouldn’t be able to bestow it.
Yes this is harder than it sounds but that would be my ultimate justice.

I would actually feel so much better if I could forgive him but I simply can’t forgive someone who doesn’t take accountability and denies his own actions.

I can’t and it eats me up inside that he can live his life denying reality whereas I can’t.

I‘m not seeking anything anymore.
The need for vindication, validation, justice or anything else has finally disappeared.

I feel indifferent now.
I don’t even want for others to see who he really is.

There is no joy in him hurting anyone else.
Instead any so called justice is now in his court.

His healing or justice would be for him to stop being who he is by stopping future faking, lying, and hurting others.

Of course that’s not going to happen.
It is impossible because he is stuck forever.

Perhaps that is what justice really is.
He won’t find contentment or happiness.

I’m fortunate that I have both of those things, contentment and happiness.

To me this is justice.

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