What Is The Narcissist’s FATE?!

Narcissists miss out on the meaning of life, which is to grow as a person, to experience every emotion, to get through pain, heartache, grief, disillusion, failures and rise again, stronger and wiser.

They put all their energy in avoiding all the above, particularly the bad emotions like pain, grief, suffering and hurt but that makes them immune to the good ones like love, joy, happiness, gratitude, true authentic enjoyment, serenity and everything else.

So they live a grey life, nothing to the extreme, carefully protected with an immense effort for nothing to get through to their long forgotten true self, which is in itself exhausting and dragging their empty shell from a person to another, into an infinite futile circle of searching for something that is within themselves and can’t ever be found elsewhere.

And then, in the end, they convince themselves that they don’t miss a thing, because all these emotions are of no value anyway and a true superior individual will never consider love and compassion, goodness and vulnerabilities intrinsic to being human as something of value.

So, in a way, they don’t miss a thing in a world that still values goodness and love.

However, if our society will become Integrally Narcissistic in a Pathological way, we will be the ones to miss these things, in their world.

Narcissists live in the bubble of being separate.

Their conscious world is never penetrated by ethics, morality or compassion.

These qualities are reserved for others but to the Narcissist, this part of being human has been safely put away with a lock and the key is thrown away.

Their wounds are so acute as they have put these qualities in a place that will never see the light.

These human qualities, once displayed could trigger abandonment and to a Narcissist, that is fear beyond the fear of death.

To a Narcissist, ANY connection signals an opportunity to be hurt.

Rather than ever feel that again, they have locked these qualities away.

Their fate is sealed and they truly do not feel any remorse.

They can’t be hurt or feel loss as they have no access to such feelings.

Their reflection and their focus is only on themselves and this is their salvation.

They will turn around in their own misery and will never be able to understand why this has happened to them.

They will get older and find out that they lost the ability to connect based on looks and charm. KARMA .

To all Empaths don’t stand close to the fire and then complain of being burnt.

Forget about revenge by realising that you were lucky to wake up from that nightmare and you have a better life now.

Narcissists are doomed to be the empty shallow person they chose to be forever.

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