What Is The Most Dangerous Aspect Of Engaging With A Narcissist?!

There are two parts that are equally dangerous: The love bombing and The devaluation.

The love bombing gives you everything you have ever wanted or thought about love.

It propels you into a false reality, a fantasy like a great love story unlike anyone has ever experienced or maybe even like one you have admired from afar.

The feeling of being so loved that you are even deep down inside wondering how someone could know you so well and still love you so much.

And everyday is truly wonderful, friends and family are so happy for you because they are been conned too.

Then out of a sudden the rug gets pulled out from under you.

Everything shatters, the criticism starts and nothing you do or say is correct.

You go along because you think that you must have done something wrong.

Then the eggshells are beneath your feet and you don’t seem do anything right.

You keep going because deep down inside you are embarrassed and trying to process it all.

You are also taking care of all your Abuser’s emotional needs and none of yours.

He then starts to spread rumors behind your back, telling people all your deepest secrets and that you are unstable and you are on shake ground and feel like everything is not right.

He will engage you in confrontations that are uncomfortable and sometimes very threatening.

You are watching someone you don’t and shouldn’t know at all but you keep remembering the fairytale so you keep hoping.

Then one day something snaps and you realise how tired you are and that you have had enough.

So any aspect of engaging with A Narcissist is dangerous because it’s cruelty at its finest.

He steals your heart then pull the rug out from under you in a split second without giving a damn about your feelings, situation or even personal safety.

It’s like being mugged but things can be replaced if mugged however your heart and soul can never be replaced.

The discard was rewarding for me because I knew he had found someone else.

And now thinking back at it I think that some people in his circle truly knows what he is about because I’m sure this isn’t the first time.

To anyone in this tornado now should realise they are not alone.

Someone around him is aware.

Bottom line is that there is actually no limit at all to the amount of evil A Narcissist can and will do including and up to murder sometimes.

If you have identified a poison don’t drink it.

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