What Is The Narcissist Most Deadly Weapon And What Is The Best Defence Against It?!

The Narcissist most deadly weapon is his ability to make you initially feel secure enough to open up and reveal your vulnerabilities to him.

After you do he will exploit to hurt you as deeply as possible.

I wasn’t and believe me I know it takes a new form of lowlife to exploit your wounds but that’s what The Narcissist is an all new form of lowlife that forces you to redefine your current understanding of that word.

Narcissists lives to hurt others.
It’s that simple.

Ideally don’t ever disclose deep vulnerabilities and traumas you have suffered unnecessarily to anyone.
Whether you feel safe to do so or not.

But for victims this is not an option because it’s already been done so we have to up our game and go beyond the idea of turning back time to prevent this.

The way we up your game is to heal those inner wounds and get help to do so if needed.

Today The Narcissist relies on his old, outdated knowledge of what hurts me.

When you heal these wounds in yourself, The Narcissist simply has no more ammo.

He ends up as that angry child pointing a cap gun at you, squeezing the trigger and then being utterly appalled and quite pissed off by your lack of injury as a result.

Healing yourself is ALWAYS, always in your best interest no matter what.

Every weakness that was ever exposed to The Narcissist has been healed and some I did need help for so I got it.

Sure he keeps firing away uselessly.
That cap gun is making noise but it is resulting in no injury to me at all.

He became powerless.
He’s meaningless.
He’s trivial.
He’s a bad infomercial stuck on endless repeat.

Your best defence is to simply do what is needed to take back whatever power you gave him.

After that he’s just a big blow hard making a fool of himself.

And when he does and he will just pay it no mind like you would any other random person that holds no place or meaning in your life.

That’s what he is to you now, placeless and meaningless.

This is called peace and it’s great.

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