What Is The Saddest Truth About Being A Narcissist’s Victim?

The saddest truth is that The Narcissist never had real genuine feelings for me in the first place.

It was all a manipulating facade from the very beginning.

He played his pretty looks and used his covert tactics to lure me into his spell of hell.

He played his evil thoughts and words to convince me that he’s real.

He had a false charming face from the very start.
He didn’t think twice about conning me into believing his false reality.

I saw a face that looked so innocent and it drew me to him and he took advantage of my genuine feelings for him.

His sadistic personality disorder is not even funny to deal with.

He broke my heart for having the best intention.
He never loved me and he never cared about me.

He’s a blood sucking vampire in today’s world who’s only in it for himself.

The saddest truth is that The Narcissist exists and that he perpetrates his abuse and betrayal on those who love him the most and literally would do anything for him.

This is how he treats the very best of people and I know that Victims are good people because I have gotten to know many of them.

The Narcissist is evil and a wicked reprobate.
Psychology can only put a label on a disorder and on a bad behaviour but Narcissism is a moral, ethical and a spiritual problem.

How do I know?
There are claims that childhood abuse and brain trauma or else genetics causes Narcissism and Dark Triad Disorders.

Let me tell you what I know.
From years of close observation, paying close attention to someone’s words, actions and asking for an answer daily, I heard the truth come right out of The Narcissist’s Mouth which sealed the deal for me.

He knows what he’s doing.
Let me repeat that again;

The Narcissist knows what he’s doing.

He will often drop subtle hints to you before he harms you.

He will also drop these hints throughout your relationship even at the very beginning.

You will wipe your eyes, blink and wonder if he really meant that.

No, you are not going crazy because he really did mean what he said or what he implied.

Ask any of the experts who have more experience and credentials and they will indeed tell you that A Narcissist reveals who he really is through sneaky, subtle, diabolical little comments, hints and statements.

He is warning you and it’s fun for him to do so.
So you tell me, if it’s just his bad childhood or some other trauma even if it’s genetic then how does he know how to trick us so deviously and so carefully?

If he is just a bad person by nature then why doesn’t he just act out in front of everyone?

Why does he wait until you are alone with him to torture you?

How is he able to be so subtle about the abuse even going so far as to drop these little clues, gaslighting you, playing tricks and games and eventually conning you until he is through with you and out the door?

It took me many, many months of deep introspection and the realisation that he’s not normal and that he’s not a good person.

I know it’s not sophisticated nowadays to refer to people as evil.

The Narcissist I knew dropped many such hints of who he really was early on and it filled me with an unknown fear.

By then I had been involved so deeply that I began to already develop cognitive dissonance.

He had the most innocent face and charming personality.

I could never suspect him to be that vicious which only made the cognitive dissonance worse.

It took me a long time to be able to accept that someone could be so wicked and evil.

And so, the saddest truth about being the victim of A Narcissist is that you can’t imagine that such evil actually exists.

I had known a few jerks before in my lifetime but this was different.

And the most heartbreaking truth is that I loved The Narcissist so much that I would have laid my life down for him.

The even sadder, saddest truth as I stated before is that the best people become Victims of these Monsters.

There are varying degrees of Narcissism but the worst are The Malignant Narcissist and The Narcissistic Psychopath.

They are the ones who cause the most excruciating damage.

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  • So true & so heartfelt, thank u for writing it ❤️

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