What Is The Whole Point Of The Narcissist Hooking You Up To Start Devaluing You Right After?

The point is to get you off balance and wonder what you did wrong?

To make you second guess yourself, your worth and your value to The Narcissist and in doing so you up your game and try to pay more attention to him, try to find out how to get back in his good graces and before you know it he has become centre stage which is right where he wants to be.

He has the power to either make you feel accepted or like absolute nothing.

You have become his puppet.

If he keeps you on the pedestal for too long, you get comfortable there and that is not where he wants you.

By keeping you on the emotional rollercoaster, he maintains the upper hand.

He enjoys seeing that he is able to bring down a once successful person.

It makes him feel more powerful than you.

Manipulation is definitely intentional and it is a game he plays to see just how much he can play with your emotions.

Keep in mind that it is a cycle.

Once The Narcissist sees the devaluing is pushing you too far away and he is risking losing his supply, the love bombing will once again commence.

It will give you false hope that something has finally changed for the better.

Just when you get comfortable and settle, the devaluing starts again.

Centre stage and rollercoaster just reminds me of a circus and that is a lot like what it is including the minion monkeys and funhouse mirrors!

If you don’t completely understand why, don’t stress because it just means you aren’t as twisted as him or haven’t gone through hell and back at the hands of A Narcissist.

Consider yourself one of the lucky!

There are many types of Narcissistic Characters.

The worst type is the one who knows exactly what he is doing at some sick evil conscious level.

He devalues you as a manipulative tactic to further take control of your mind.

Innocent and honest people are left puzzled wondering what they have done wrong and drive further towards the mission to exonerate themselves in that person’s eyes by seeking to please him and restore what was once there.

It is a trap so deep in darkness.

The most dangerous type fully believes that any form of manipulation that he uses against you is for you but of course at the end he will be left in charge of all valuables gathered.

So if you escape he can always use your spoils to recruit fresh souls.

All carefully crafted validations to make it all ok in his mind.


Not because you are scared but because you are now awake.

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  • Because they are pathetic low lives men who feels powerful by torturing others.
    A man who does that is the weakest pathetic excuse of mankind.

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