The Narcissist’s Friends!

The Narcissist’s Friends are energy sources.

A Narcissist will rarely have lifelong friends because the energy of any source eventually gets tainted.

Not by the source or the victim but by the Narcissist.

When you first become friends with a Narcissist he will put you on a pedestal.
It will feel great.
It will feel like finding your best friend.

Then comes the Devaluation.
And by being just friends with the Narcissist, you are hesitant to call out his behaviour.

So you accept being a doormat and then the Narcissist comes back around again.

Once more you feel like you have found the friend you always wanted and then the admiration from the Narcissist stops again.

Finally, the Discard occurs.
Although from a friendship perspective it feels like he has better things to do than pick up your call and you will feel guilty for expecting attention or empathy.

Friends to a Narcissist are nothing more than pawns in the life game of chess.

Expendable, limited in duration and above all, sacrificial for the greater good of the Narcissist’s interests.

Remember Narcissists can’t love.
They are heartless and they know no shame.

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