What Makes A Narcissist Retaliate?

I speak from my experience.
When he understood that he can’t control you anymore even if he discarded you then he will retaliate.

The fact that he discarded you doesn’t mean that you are free to act as you please.
No not at all.

He still pretends to have an influence on you,
He pretends that you still act like he wants and expects

You are on the shelf for a possible future use so where do you think you’re going?

A toy doesn’t have a personal will so how dare you?

Isn’t this crazy?

He never had any control over you in the first place because you did what you did for him because you wanted to do it and because you loved him.

Not because he had control but he believes in the illusion to have control over you.

So when he understands that he doesn’t have this control he will go nuts and do crazy things.

The Narcissist I used to love tried his best to get me fired from my job and accused me of the unthinkable just as a retaliation because I basically created A Narcissistic Injury in him.

Basically he retaliates because when the discard happens, no matter who discards who, you will understand what has happened and will stop doing things for him and he will see this as an offence.

Delusional, delusional people.

Also The Narcissist retaliates because he fails to meet his own spiritual needs in this lifetime.

His inability to come face to face or toe to toe with his true inner self as well as our higher power and have faith in the Goodness of both allow us to tread a path of grace and dignity are roads unknown in the life of The Narcissist.

So very filled with his own self will and thus spiritually bankrupt, his attempts at all cost to embrace himself and his best interest as a pretext to avoid looking at life for all the beauty, splendour, magnificence, paradox and wonder it contains.

The false self he creates and promotes at all costs, literally at the cost of everything else.

He misses out on life and all its lessons, spiritual growth and maturity.

He retaliates because he’s stuck while the rest of us come to learn and appreciate that life is an event, an ongoing flow and really stasis is not a lasting, meaningful or realistic part of it.

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