What Will A Narcissist Never Admit To Himself?!

A Narcissist didn’t develop normally and has difficulties in such areas as:

• Splitting.
• Lack of object constancy.
• Lack of ambivalence.
• Inability to repair shame.

This leads him to the fabrication of an idealised false self which is flawless.

It protects him against the horror of seeing himself as “all bad.”

Because of splitting, all good” and “all bad” are the only two options.

The flawless idealised self allows him to perceive himself as without flaws.

A Narcissist will never admit to himself that he’s not ok as he is.

He will never admit to being wrong unless cornered and has no other choice.

A Narcissist is fundamentally insecure.
There are a number of ways to undermine A Narcissism but I think it’s a bad idea to try.

A Narcissist will destroy anyone who challenges him or diminishes him in any way.

He pulls out all the stops regardless of how small the slight is.

It is important to understand that The Narcissist doesn’t think like you and me.

A Narcissist will move you to the top of his “to be destroyed as hard as I can list” if he considered you to be a threat in any way.

He will not stop until he has harmed you as much as he can.

His revenge will be all what matters.
The only way to constructively deal with A Narcissist is to get as far away from him as you can.

He won’t change and he doesn’t care about hurting others.

Remorse and empathy don’t exist for him.

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