What You Should Never Tell The Narcissist!

Never tell A Narcissist that he is A Narcissist.
He will seriously screw you up if you do.

This is because intense shame is triggered when faced with the reality of what he is.

On some level he knows that there’s something off about him but because he doesn’t possess the emotional resources to deal with the truth of what is his Ego has him denying.

He denies so he can function and keep on doing what he has been doing all his life.

It is easier for him to embrace denial than it is to embrace truth because the latter hurts enormously.

It’s practically impossible for The Narcissist yo Change because Ego death must occur in order for a person to change.

In A Narcissistic Individual Ego is supercharged that it holds an enormous amount of power over him.

He is a slave to his Ego.

This is due to his Ego being supercharged by intense fear, trauma and a whole set of beliefs that doesn’t serve him at all.

The beliefs he holds about himself , others and the world at large are inflexible and deeply ingrained.

In order to transcend and transform we must be willing to allow parts of his Ego to dissolve.

That means that he must come to terms with the fact that he is not the centre of the world or the universe.

In order to change our ways we must all answer to our conscience and this comes with a lot of shame, guilt and a whole other slur of negative emotions.

I believe that Narcissists have crossed a line of no return.

The destruction and pain he has caused is simply too big for him to clean up and own up to.

There’s only so much we can get away with before going crazy.

So it is in our best interest to leave The Narcissist and the memories behind.

The most dangerous thing to do is to criticise A Narcissist or say anything that resembles criticism.

He will feel attacked and will strike back either immediately or later in a more subtle way which creates the most damage.

So leave and never look back.
Build your life away from him.

He lost someone who loved him unconditionally but you gained strength from an experience that will forever change you.

You are a warrior and a survivor and you deserve someone to love you unconditionally so never accept less than what you deserve.

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