What’s Triggering A Relapse Causing You To Miss The Narcissist?!

It’s the character you thought was your prefect soulmate.

That person who showed you exactly what you wanted and played it out for you.

But here’s the truth.
He was never ever real.
It was an illusion.

You were played so well by a professional con artist that your brain simply isn’t allowing you to see the harshness and betrayal of someone who is so evil.

The only intention he really had was to make you drop your guard so he can give you psychological blows intended to inflict harm on you.

You don’t think of the bad times.
Your brain shut that out from you.

You think of the small amount of good times.
Which was all fake.
That person was a facade.

It’s amazing how our brains can’t comprehend what happened that it isn’t allowing us to move on without pain.

He abandoned you.
Now you are alone and you feel the the outside world isn’t known to you.

You don’t feel like anyone cares.
Truth is that you are wishing and hoping to find someone that you can have that connection with that you thought you had with The Narcissist.

It’s not your fault at all.
You were fooled like me and thousands if not millions of other innocent people.

It really hurts because you think you could have done things differently or better.

The moment anyone asks you to change who you are is the moment where you need to cut that person out of your life.

Being in love with A Narcissist is whole consuming experience.

The Narcissist occupies all of your psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical space.

In the love bombing stage The Narcissist makes sure you are focused on him with all your senses.

In the devalue stage he makes sure that any slightest deviation from full attention and focus on him is treated with escalating punishment.

It is like The Narcissist creates in your mind an illusion that he is part of you and he is crucial for your survival and for your happiness.

When you detach physically and stop all communication with The Narcissist your mind is even amplifying this illusion pushing you to reconnect with him no matter how bad he treated you.

Your mind wants to make sure you survive and happy as much as possible and it was convinced that it needs The Narcissist to accomplish that.

In that perspective anything can trigger an overwhelming emotions of missing and craving The Narcissist.

The trigger can come from the outside or it can be self generated in relation to circumstances in your life.

The key to overcome these painful emotions is to understand that first you can‘t avoid it and you need to face it and feel the pain.

Secondly know it is coming in wave.

At the beginning the waves are high and the impact is strong but as time passes it will become smaller and the impact will reduce.

The love bombing part was really amazing and you felt a euphoria that was uniquely The Narcissist mirroring who he saw you to be.
You felt yourself loving and caring so you are warm and fuzzy in that haze.

This is an expression of warmth you radiated to The Narcissist.

You just showed him your trigger while your eyes were closed but your facial expression spoke volumes to The Narcissist.

The deep and gentle voice patterns are mesmerising.

The words well practised and used many times before you and every time it works.

That’s what you are missing so you have to keep telling yourself that he is just a soul sucking vampire and remember what he is capable of doing to you.

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  • Spot on, an amazing piece of art 👍💐

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