When I Realised That I Can’t Win In The Narcissist’s Game!

When you get to the true measure of how disordered that person is you will understand that his operating system is different.

When you recognise that his way of thinking is so corrupted and that there is no depth he will not sink to.

There is no lie that he will not tell and there is no game that he will not play then it will become clear that this is not someone you can relate to in any way and walking away is the only choice for your own wellbeing.

I realised that way before accepting and processing that he is A Narcissist.

I just noticed that whatever I was saying or doing for him it had to be wrong and even with clear evidence that he wasn’t right, he was still insisting on being right no matter what.

He would make up stories to support his thesis and stories to support his arguments.

I realised it when the arguments started to seem ridiculous and almost rehearsed.

He absolutely needed to make me go out of my mind trying to explain how wrong he was and that I would never do anything of what he is accusing me of.

Until I became certain that he will believe only what he wants and I’m done defending my integrity.

It became painfully obvious that these fights were to make me look and act the way he portrayed me to others.

Also when I realised that The Narcissist doesn’t connect with me in the same way I connect with him.

I stopped arguing so he no longer got the adrenalin he needed from me so I was discarded.

I don’t even discuss him with anyone who brings him up because I’m certain that he manipulated them somehow.

Walking away unharmed is the best revenge and it is the only way by which you can regain your sanity.

If you try to argue or question his behaviour you will never win because he has already planned that conversation in his head and he will use your own emotions against you to make you feel bad.

Trust me when you walk away from such a person he might try to suck you back and sometimes he can keep trying for years.

You have to understand that whatever it was that made you realise he is A Narcissist is the ultimate truth so don’t ever buy his fake stories.


  • It’s true that they have their own twisted and toxic logic. It is impossible to reason with them, we might as well be talking to a brick wall.

    • Actually we are talking to a brick wall it’s similar to them heartless and no conscience

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