When People Sides With The Narcissist!

This is a puzzling and startling revelation you see when you experience this moment in life.

You will see The Narcissist as a person you can love and trust and he will never break your trust.

The Narcissist will break your trust and use your own internal secrets against you by painting a victimhood story.

Like a predator each chapter of his victimhood will be mixed with real events so that those who listens instantly sympathise with him.

People will try to be caretakers for The Narcissists when he plays the part of being the poor tortured soul.

As caretakers they unknowingly become instant flying monkeys who will do their best to help him.

The victim is now the enemy who is responsible for The Narcissist despair.

At this point you are emotional, shocked and in disbelief.

So when you hear The Narcissist side of the story you will become more emotional and in tears while trying to explain the truth to everyone.

When you try to tell everyone how The Narcissist abused you, you will be accused of lying and those caretakers will never be believe that this Charming Predator is capable of such atrocities.

In self vain you tirelessly will try to defend yourself against all these people who label you as mad and crazy.

You as a Victim will end up being alone and will isolate yourself having no strength to fight.

Those people who continue siding with The Narcissist even after realising who he is and seeing the destruction and havoc that he creates are usually socially and financially weak.

They don’t have a bright future ahead of them and The Narcissist is the only thing that they can get.

Without them The Narcissist would suffer from the severe consequences of his actions sooner than later.

People may side with The Narcissist but he knows deep in his heart that he has lost a good soul and that the truth will always come out no matter how long it takes.

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