Narcissists And The Mind Games!

Narcissists like to play a game where they ignore you and they assume you will come running to them to find out what is wrong.

Narcissists have a Victim Mentality and everything in their world boils down to them being a victim and then them pointing fingers at everyone else.

They never take responsibility for themselves.

They usually block you when you are close to figuring out their Game.

They block you to keep you from asking them the tough questions that will implicate their wrong doing and get them into a corner.

Blocking or ignoring is their way of changing the game, acting mad at you and not getting into a dialogue with you because you will figure them out and catch them in a lie.

They need to buy time, come up with a new excuse and time is one of their weapons.

Once a little time has passed they can more easily accuse you of saying something you never said gaslighting, they can more easily change the chronology of events which is another trick they love, they can also say something like, It was 3 days ago, why can’t you get over it?

While they are blocking you or ignoring you they can be playing other games like triangulating and recruiting minions, smearing you, or, if it is a romantic relationship they can cheat on you with someone they have already teed up.

If you ignore them back then they will change the game again and come to you acting like a victim saying something about how they were not ignoring you and they were having troubles in some other way and they really needed you but you were ignoring them.

They will expect an Apology.

Then they love to go around making the apology public and telling everyone how they got you to apologise for all your wrong doings.

You see, the Narcissist is always a victim and you always owe him an apology.

They love to get apologies from people they bully.

They have to win and when they win they love to make it public that they were right and you were wrong.

Narcissists see everything as a win or lose and being right or wrong.

An obsession with winning and getting over on others is one of the hallmark characteristics of the Narcissist.

Sociopaths and Psychopaths discard when they are done with you and you have outlived your usefulness.

Narcissists discards when they decide to be strong and take charge of their life.

Narcissists only walk away after they feel that they have been discarded.

When they realise that they can’t get over on you and you have effectively discarded them then they will leave.

But Narcissists hate to lose and always need to win and one up everyone.

No one leaves them, they leave you.

So they will make it seem like they are the ones who discarded once they realise you are done with them.

If a Narcissist acts like he has left or discarded you before you have made a stand, rest assure he will come back to you eventually because he is a vampire and he is not done sucking the life out of you.

When a Narcissist blocks you, the best thing to do is take it as a blessing because that is an opportune time to move on and discard him.

You want to have as little dialogue as possible with a Narcissist.

You can never reason with him.

They are neurologically incapable of empathy which means they have no conscience, remorse or guilt.

They are unreasonable and their only desire is to drag you down to their level.

You can’t win with a self righteous, pathological liar.

Just end the relationship and move on.

They are Hopeless and Incurable.

You need to end the relationship and move on to healthy relationships with normal people.

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