When The Narcissist Feels Too Embarrassed Or Ashamed To Hoover!

The Narcissist will be too ashamed and embarrassed to hoover an old supply that he ruined himself in front of and was unmasked.

His mask will slip sporadically and it happens so intermittently that many supplies won’t see the behaviour until a final hoorah happens.

In these moments, the “final hoorah” is so insidious that irrespective of how much pain The Narcissist caused you and your disdain towards The Narcissist trumps any pain or love you felt towards him.

Perhaps a lying smear campaign orchestrated by The Narcissist revealed what a monster he truly is.

At this point you may feel so much hatred that you will never speak to The Narcissist again.

Or maybe The Narcissist spent years telling you to stop running, only to abandon you once you stop.

Again the insidiousness of the monster inside The Narcissist was revealed and no amount of love you had will allow for a hoover.

A Narcissist isn’t dumb.
He knows what he’s doing and his cruel behaviour is calculated.

His life is a balancing act between sadistically abusing his supplies and masochistically destroying himself.

And in True Narcissistic Fashion, the more vulnerable A Narcissist feels in a relationship, the higher the odds of completely destroying any chance of a hoover.

A Narcissist often causes the most emotional damage to the supply that was the closest to him because he’s at his most vulnerable around her, whether that supply was a relative, friend or intimate partner.

And then The Narcissist will masochistically destroy himself for having destroyed yet another relationship.

Understand that if he hoovers, it has nothing to do with you or the love you may have felt for him.

People are either opportunities or distractions in the eyes of A Narcissist, not human beings.

The best thing you can do to heal from his abuse is block him, mourn the loss of the fake relationship and when you are ready find someone worthy of your heart.

Feeling ashamed is like forcing the false self to say “I‘m sorry genuinely” and it’s not possible for the following.

• Inability to admit a mistake.
• He will feel vulnerable and exposed.
• He will feel out of control.

• He is not used to saying “I‘m sorry” since childhood and he’s either abused and shamed by it or overindulged.

• He has no genuine remorse to say it.
• The idealised false self-doesn’t make mistakes.
• His self-centre and ego-centric attitude will look for reasons to blame you instead.

• He will try to lift himself up by telling you how good he is to you to regulate his low self-esteem.

• He will make excuses about his childhood trauma and what he did was only to get the things he was deprived of all his life.

As long as the world doesn’t recognise the moral rape, assault and hidden wounds of The Victims, this psychological abuse and hidden psychopathy will be seen as a life lesson where The Psycho-Narcissist showed you the way and you walked the walk.

It’s Never his fault.
Meanwhile, if there was blood in the crime scene it would be a crime.

He is lucky there is no blood because the wounds he causes bleed from the inside.

It’s not about the ability to feel ashamed, it’s the ability to define it as a crime.

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