When You Are Suddenly Pushed Away!

You are either about to unmask him or you already have.

He can’t handle that at all, it’s so predictably true, everything you read, victims experiences highlighting the behaviour patterns, all accurate but still destructive in a human being.

I was completely absorbed by such covert tactics, always attempting to converse in a logical, thoughtful, compromising and understanding manner.

But faced with such a soul that challenges your very perception of reality with his version and sides with this version of it as fervently as you do with the truth.

This can include huge and obvious contradictions that easily show his integrity to be none existent as he will continue to back himself up despite the evidence taking place.

Through understanding I accepted my part in being drawn to him, a lesson and knowledge learnt the most hideous way.

I genuinely loved him, genuinely would have given him everything I could have physically and emotionally if it would have only been reciprocated.

I know it is about pleasing people for me but never again will I accept anyone abusing my nature and goodness.

I see through his tactics now, this is the one time this has happened, the one time I have seen the truth, trusted myself again and not accepted the behaviour.

I am no longer a supply for him, never will be and he knows that.

He struggles to come up with valid reasons to hurt me, he won’t admit the truth, it is all me, there is no accountability on his part, cold, distant and emotionally unaffected by the situation.

Always ready to escalate his sorry manipulating attempts.

No fuel anymore, it used to be premium grade and it just ran dry!

So call them out, that is definitely when you will be pushed away.

They will run like cowards from being exposed to protect themselves.

Sad Heartless Voids.

I just wish it would have happened sooner.


  • Narcissistic abuse is an extremely painful thing to experience. It’s good that you were able to escape the cycle of abuse.

    • Believe it or not am still suffering, he is trying to destroy my reputation at work and slander my name.
      It’s just now I see through him and I don’t allow it to affect me.

      • I know what it is like and i do believe that you are still suffering. The worst thing is that sometimes we feel so alone because everybody else thinks that they are a great person and we are the one who ends up looking crazy or bitter. Not reacting to his abuse is the best thing and the only thing you can do.

      • You said it all, am hoping that one day people will see the devil that we had to fight alone.

      • I hope so too.

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