When You Are Totally Healed.

You know you are healed once you stop looking for answers.

After whatever it was that happened which made you leave and run from the Narcissist for good, you can feel like a puzzle with many missing pieces.

It can take a lot of time to understand even half of the stuff you have been put through.

Healing depends on how much your soul is able to filter the toxic waste left behind by the uncaring Narcissist.

It is important to not stop searching for answers until the pieces fit.

Take all the time you need because you are doing this for your well being.

The key to healing is in you.

You are the most important person in your life now.

It is about forgiving yourself for giving a Narcissist your precious time and allowing such a toxic person in your life.

It is when you stop viewing yourself as a powerless victim and start viewing yourself as a person who is 1000 steps ahead of this Narcissist who hurt you because you really are so many steps ahead, I assure you.

It is the joy you have within you when you realise that you are still capable of loving and living life knowing well that a Narcissist will never have that chance.

It is when you understand that you are not this batshit, crazy, demanding, hard to love person something a Narcissist tricked you into thinking that you are.

Narcissistic Abuse is a damaging experience but I will try to let you see it as beneficial just for a moment.

It is an experience you will probably never forget and that is because you are able to learn something from it.

Such experiences can’t and shouldn’t be swept under the rug.

That is why you will always hold your guard and be careful with new people who enter your life.

People these days let all kinds of unstable strangers in their lives unknowingly, which makes them always at ‘risk’ of letting someone bad in their lives.

This is where I hope you can try to turn this Narcissistic experience into something a little positive.

Be glad that you saw your Narcissist for who he is and that you will never again be controlled or hurt by a disordered person because you know things and you have the experience.

You have been there already and you are too smart and knowledgeable to let that happen again.

You will never again be at ‘risk’ of letting a Narcissistic person in your life.

This experience does not have to define you but it will ‘lead‘ you in some good life paths!

It will put you on the right track with good people who deserve a place in your life and nurture your spirit.

Remember, a Narcissist will never have that blessing.

Tragic, but they don’t deserve better anyway.

Don’t try to force yourself to forget your Narcissist or the harm he has done.

If you don’t solve this now through therapy, talking to people who understand, reading blogs, listening to podcasts or asking questions, you can become vulnerable in the future and let that same Narcissist slip in your life again and he might do even more damage.

Never stop looking until you have got the answers to everything that still doesn’t make sense to you.

As long as you don’t ask your Narcissist for those answers, you are good.

It may be hard to believe it now but there will come a day when you will be ready to move from this chapter of your life.

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