When You Begin To Resist!

The first sign that you have won against The Narcissist is the mere fact that you have begun to resist.

You might not see it that way at first but you can bet that The Narcissist does.

Your first small act of resistance might not look like much to you now.

But after you have won the war for your independence, you will be able to look back and recognise that small act for what it was.

You were taking your first step on the road to recovery.

The Narcissist will detect the resistance, alarm bells will ring in his head, ammunition will be checked, guns will receive co-ordinates and the fury of combat is about to be unleashed on you depending on what you say or do next.

The Narcissist needs to crush your rebellion quickly before it goes viral.

He must teach you never to resist again but you have begun to see through his lies.

So even if The Narcissist seems to win the first battle, he must remain on a war footing.

He must be more vigilant than before, much more vigilant and work harder to trick you into thinking that there’s no justification for your resistance.

This takes effort and energy.
The Narcissist will get tired.
The Narcissist will slip up.
The Narcissist might end up trying too hard at some point and will make a big mistake.

More lies will unravel.
Panic will make an appearance.
Things could deteriorate quickly.

You will quite rightly resist again and more battles will take place.

You will grow more resilient.
Even while still battling you, The Narcissist might already have given up any hope of returning to the pre-war situation.

If he can’t dominate you then he’s really not interested in having you around so he will disengage.

Eventually, one day, you suddenly will realise that you have won and it was all because you made that first small act of resistance.

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