When You Break The No Contact!!

I made the mistake of reaching out to The Narcissist few days ago and my conclusion to why I did it is that there’s a lesson I still needed to learn and I thankfully did.

If at any time you felt weak and broke the no contact with The Narcissist, don’t beat yourself up.

You are human and you loved this person very much but you later realised that you were in an abusive situation.

If you were cut off abruptly by this person then the brain will continue to want closure and understanding to what happened.

The real work is to accept the fact that for ever reason it ended you will never have closure.

Narcissists don’t do introspective work, they only point fingers and refuse to take responsibility for their behaviour.

If he didn’t answer you then you are lucky and now move on from it and re-block his number or do like I did, change all your contact details and keep it private.

You will eventually come to terms with why you tried to contact him.

You lived it, now analyse it because what you believe is what matters.

I came to terms that it’s not only our hearts that needs healing but also our brain.

Don’t be hard on yourself for reaching out to him, forgive yourself and identify the triggers that made you do this so you can avoid it if the thought of contacting him attacked you again.

Without pain we won’t grow, just be careful and always remember that Narcissists are Monsters.


  • Thank you so so much for this one , I also did the same mistake and was ashamed of myself until I came across your post , you’re truly inspiring and a gem God bless you because you seem to be an amazingly genuine person ❤️

    • Thank you for your wonderful words, let me tell you that you and all our soul sisters/brothers who have been through a similar situation are what keeps me going.
      I also relapsed and I was beating myself but then I remembered that I’m only human and I’m telling you now to keep your head up high and move on from it ❤️

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