When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love, Remember ,,

I know you are probably sitting there twiddling your thumbs wondering is it you?

You think if you should change?

In fact you insist on changing so you don’t go through heartbreak again.

But I’m here to tell you don’t change.
Don’t do anything other than what you are doing now and one day you will get it right.

• You are loving the right way while others simply aren’t.

The reason love isn’t being reciprocated to you is because you are loving people the way they deserve to be loved.

They are simply not used to it so they are rejecting the unfamiliar not you.

• You are one of a kind while everyone else is just the same.

You don’t need to change anything.
Not your appearance.
Not your personality .. Nothing.

I know you hate hearing everyone else is flawed but the average person doesn’t deserve you.

• Your head’s up making eye contact while the crowd just keeps their heads down swiping.

There is this weird thing called serendipity that most people don’t know the definition of but you do.

And when you see someone attractive you believe in making eye contact and having small talk with.

But it is hard to do that when everyone is one their phones but one day someone will look up at you.

• You believe in love while the rest are closed off to the idea of it.

Believing in something you can’t see but feel so deeply shows a sense of strength in you.

Everyone is so afraid of getting hurt but you have been hurt so many times and still manage to have faith.

• You look at who people really are while others only see looks.

You actually care about what someone has to say.

You want to know what they are passionate about and what can they share with you.

You know appearance is important but it isn’t everything.

• You believe in first dates while everyone else wants Netflix and chill.

You know a date isn’t watching a movie and making out.

A date is going somewhere, engaging in a conversation and parting ways with butterflies in your stomach.

Netflix and chill isn’t your thing and that is ok.

• You haven’t given up hope while the rest seem hopeless.

You look at everyone in this generation and wonder why they all seem so hopeless.

But you still believe there has got to be someone like you out there ,, and there is.

• You think there is something wrong with you but there is something wrong with them.

Keep being exactly who you are.
Eventually they will grow up and they will change to be more like you.

I know it is bad being the way you are in a generation that judges you for being different.

But one day you will get it right.
One day it is all going to work out for you.

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